2011 Feb. 6: New York OWB bans, regulations or discussion (X = Municipalities with Requirements Pertaining to OWBs As of January, 2008, compiled by NY State) (others have documentation from RAWSEP websites,)

Town / Village and County Date Regulate Ban

Suffolk County-Local Law* Jul 2007 X

Adams, Village of (Jefferson County)* Jul 2004 X

Amsterdam NY 2009 Jan. OWB moratorium passed, statewide OWB rules stricter

Antwerp NY neighbor legal conflict over OWB burning

Au Sable Forks (Hamlet of) (Clinton County) NY 2009 March OWB regulations passed

Austerlitz NY  2010 May local law on OWBs considered 2009 preliminary OWB law drafted

Bainbridge, Village of (Chenango County)** Mar 2006 X

Barneveld, Village of (Oneida County)** Apr 2005 X

Bayville and Huntington NY Letter of complaint

Beekman, Town of (Dutchess County)** Apr 2006 X

Belding (NY?) Sept. 2008 considers ban on OWBs

Binghamton, City of (Broome County)* Jan 2006 X

Brookhaven, Town of (Suffolk County)** Aug 2006 X

Brownville, Town of (Jefferson County)* Oct 2005 X

Brutus NY March 2010 burning banned until May, 2008 Oct. Brutus bans new OWBs

Burke, Village of (Franklin County)** Jul 2004 X

Cambridge, Town of (Washington County) OWB regulations 2007-2008

Cambridge, Village of (Washington County) bans OWBs

Camden, Town of (Oneida County)** Dec 2003 X

Camden, Village of (Oneida County)** Jun 1999 X

Canandaiuga NY Sept. 2008 OWB ordinance

Canton, Town of (St. Lawrence County)** Dec 2003 X

Cape Vincent, Village of (Jefferson County)** Sep 2005 X

Carmel NY 2010 Oct. discussion of OWBs

Carthage, Village of (Jefferson County)+ Sep 2006 X

Catskill NY June 2010 Local meeting on OWB complaints (audio) Feb. 2010 may regulate OWBs

Champion, Town of (Jefferson County)* Oct 2005 X

Chateaugay, Village of (Franklin County)** Apr 2004 X

Chenango, Town of (Broome County)* Sep 2005 X

Chester (NY) Sept. 2008

Clarksburg (NY) 2008 Oct. ban on new OWBs

Clayton, Village of (Jefferson County)** Oct 2004 X

Constableville, Village of (Lewis County)* Mar 2006 X

Copake NY 2010 Feb. regulates OWBs

Copenhagen, Village of (Lewis County) ** Jul 2005 X

Cranberry (NY) 2008 Oct. Council prepares OWB ordinance

Croton-on-Hudson NY 2010 Oct. discussion on OWBs

Dickinson, Town of (Franklin County)** Mar 2006 X

Dolgeville, Village of (Fulton County)** Dec 2005 X

Edwards, Village of (St. Lawrence County)** June 2003 X

Town / Village and County Date Regulate Ban 22

Elba, Town of (Genesee County )* June 2001 X

Elizabethtown NY 2009 Jan. 2nd public hearing on OWBs Elizabethtown NY blog complaint

Elmira Heights, Village of (Chemung County)** Jan 2006 X

Fair Haven NY 2010 looking into a law on OWBs

Farmington (NY) Jan. 2008 Council adds fines to OWB regulations

Fenton, Town of (Broome County)* Aug 2005 X

Fort Covington, Town of (Franklin County)* Jan 2006 X

Fort Edward NY 2008 Oct. OWB moratorium

Fulton NY 2009 Jan. OWBs banned

Gardiner (Town of) NY concerns

Gasport NY April 2010 OWB hearing

Geneva, City of ( Ontario County) Oct 2006 X

Gouverneur, Village of (St. Lawrence County)** Apr 2004 X

Greenwood, Town of (Steuben County)* Jun 2005 X

Hamden NY 2010 July, Hamden council member says wood smoke victims are “harassing” OWB owners with complaints

Herkimer, Village of (Herkimer County)** Feb 2004 X March 2010 officials reminder on Open Burning ban

Hermon, Village of (St. Lawrence County)* Feb 2006 X

Heuvelton, Village of (St. Lawrence County)** Nov 2003 X

Holland Patent, Village of (Oneida County)** Apr 2005 X

Howell NY 2008 Oct. OWB ordinance

Huntington NY 2009 May ban on OWBs

Huntington Station NY letter complaint

Hurley, Town of (Ulster County) Jan 2007 X

Jay (Town of) NY 2009 March OWB regulations passed

Kenyon 2008 Sept. ban on OWBs

Kinderhook NY 2010 Moratorium on OWBS May to Aug., OWB informational meeting July 2009

Kingsbury, Town of (Washington County)* Oct 2004 X

Kirkwood, Town of (Broome County)* Aug 2006 X

Lake Placid NY complaint

Lee (Town of) (Oneida) NY2009 June Letter complaint

Leicester (NY) OWB regulations

LeRoy, Village of (Genesee County)* Jan 2007 X

Lewiston (NY)

Litchfield (NY) complaints about OWBs 2008 Oct.

Livingston NY 2010 May public hearing on local OWB zoning regulations

Longmeadow NY Nov. 20, 2007 City Council Discussion of OWBs

Lowville, Village of (Lewis County)** Dec 2001 X

Lysander NY 2009 Feb. public hearing on OWBs

Malone, Village of (Franklin County)** Mar 2004 X

Marcellus, Town of (Onondaga County)* Jan 2004 X

Marilla NY 2010 Nov. 10 Marilla considers passing its OWB law now that statewide law delayed

Martinsburg, Town of (Lewis County)* Jun 2005 X

Mechanicville (NY) complaints about OWBs 2008 Oct.

Moreau NY 2008 Oct. discussion on OWBs Moreau, Town of (Saratoga County) (proposed)* Oct 2004 X

Newport, Village of (Herkimer County)** Apr 2004 X

Newstead, Town of (Erie County)* July 2007 X

North Smithfield (NY) Sept. 2008

Ogden NY March 5, 2008 Moratorium considered

Olean NY March 2010 comments on OWB article

Onondaga NY 2010 May considers local OWB regulations

Otego, Village of (Otsego County)** Mar 2001 X

Owego, Village of (Tioga County)* June 2007 X

Perth NY May 2010 seasonal OWB ban passed, March 2010 proposal of ban for three months

Peru 2009 June finalizing OWB regulations

Pierrepont, Town of (St. Lawrence County)* Oct 2005 X

Plattsburgh NY 2009 Jan. 20 eyes OWB ban

Potsdam NY April 2010 furnace ban tabled

Pottsville NY 2008 Oct. strict regulations for OWBs

Prospect, Village of (Oneida County)** Mar 2005 X

Queensbury, Town of (Warren County)* May 2004 X

Town / Village and County Date Regulate Ban
Red Hook, Town of (Dutchess County)** June 2006 X
Rensselaer Falls, Village of (St. Lawrence County)** Jan 2004 X
Richville, Village of (St. Lawrence County)** May 2004 X
Rodman, Town of (Jefferson County)* Nov 2005 X

Rockland County-Modified Sanitary Code* Apr 2006 X

Rome NY 2008 March OWB laws

Rosendale NY 2009 March public hearing on OWBs

Rutland Center, Village of (Jefferson County)* Sep 2006 X

Sagamore Hills NY 2009 May zoning rules for OWBs considered

South Glens Falls, Village of (Saratoga County)* Dec 2003 X
Tupper Lake NY 2008 Aug. Village Board bans OWBs

Tusten (NY) OWB moratorium passed 2008 Oct.

Tyrone (NY) 2008 Aug. discusses OWB regulations

Union, Town of (Broome County)* Mar 2006 X

Van Buren NY 2009 Jan. OWB ordinance passed

Verona NY 2008 March OWB laws

Warwick, Town of (Orange County)* Jan 2006 X
Watertown, City of (Jefferson County)* Oct 2003 X
Watertown, Town of (Jefferson County)* Aug 2006 X
Wayland, Village of (Steuben County)** Mar 2006 X
Wellsboro NY OWB complaint

Whitney Point, Village of (Broome County)** Mar 2006 X

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