2011 Feb. 14: AK Fairbanks: more COMMENTS on Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Woodriver Elementary gets experimental ventilation upgrade to fight area s air pollution

2011 Feb. 14: AK Fairbanks: more COMMENTS on  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Woodriver Elementary gets experimental ventilation upgrade to fight area s air pollution

« anyoneoutthere wrote on Monday, Feb 14 at 05:53 PM »
Personal responsibility says that the bad smokers should have looked in the mirror and fixed the problem.

But oh no. They have let the government pay out our money to clean up their mess.

Thanks a lot. We appreciate your savings you received from your alternative burning stove.

« chokinginnorthpole wrote on Monday, Feb 14 at 04:52 AM »
From the American Lung Association


What Can Particles Do to Your Health?

Particle pollution can be very dangerous to breathe. Breathing particle pollution may trigger illness, hospitalization and premature death, risks showing up in new studies that validate earlier research.28

Good news came last year from researchers who looked at the impact of the drop in year-round levels of particle pollution between 1980 and 2000 in 51 US cities. Thanks to reductions in particle pollution, people living in these cities had 5 months added to their life expectancy on average.29 This study adds to the growing research that cleaning up air pollution improves life and health. Other researchers estimated that reductions in air pollution can be expected to produce rapid improvements in public health, with fewer deaths occurring within the first two years after reductions.30

Researchers these days are exploring possible differences in health effects of the three sizes of particles and particles from different sources, such as diesel particles from trucks and buses or sulfates from coal-fired power plants. So far, the evidence remains clear that all particles from all sources are dangerous.
Particle pollution can damage the body in ways similar to cigarette smoking. A recent review of the research on how particles cause harm found that the body responds to particles in similar ways to its response to cigarette smoke. These findings help explain why particle pollution can cause heart attacks and strokes.

« Breathe wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 11:41 PM »
Murky, find some studies that state that PM 2.5 or that wet wood/coal/trash/constant OWB smoke is good for people.

« NotARocketScientist wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 10:43 PM »
“This time daggonit, the sky is really falling! Turn in your neighbors! Kick in their doors if you have to. We’ve got bodies piling up all over Fairbanks. Drastic measures are needed.”

A scientific study done in town using data from the hospital and the PM2.5 measurements from down town show a significant relationship between heart disease, stroke and lung ailments when the PM2.5 gets above 20. (a 6-7% increase in emergency room visits for each 10 micrograms/cubic meter). This means when the reading is 100 (which I’ve seen plenty of times – I’ve personally seen readings in specific locations over 300 as well), there is a 48-56% increase in emergency room visits for heart attack, stroke and lung issues. (You can find a link to the paper describing the research on the air quality page of the borough website.)

Yes, FMay, drastic measures are needed.

« Breathe wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 06:00 PM »
Report your air quality concerns every day there’s a problem to:





And write to the Borough mayor’s office, and to your Representatives and Senators.
report abuse

« WhoOwnsTheAir wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 05:27 PM »
Send the bill to the wood burners. They should pay 100% of the cost, because they are 100% of the cause of the woodsmoke in the first place!

« Breathe wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 12:45 PM »
Ignorance is bliss until a loved one suffers an illness from this pollution.

« answerss wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 12:16 PM »
the ignorance of people that think there is no pollution problem in Uwest is overwhelming! and the people that write in saying that because THEY grew up breathing pollution that we should just keep doing it. HA! let’s use our big brains that sets us highest on the food chain. we dont let our kids play in aspestos anymore, we buckle our kids when we drive, we dont dump sewage out our back door, we dont put mercury in our fillings. all things our elders USED to do and we discovered it was harmful for us and our kids.

fact: the pollution in U-west is from the improper use of a handful of coal and outdoor wood boilers.

fact: the small particulates are harmful and, at least, at total nuisance to the whole neighborhood.

the borough should never have allowed the public to vote on our public health. there are too many ignorant people in the world, and if we let them vote on everything, we would all have to wear masks on our faces like they do in parts of china.

drive up to the pull out on campus and take a look at u-west area on a calm day. the smoke blankets the whole area, whie you can’t see anything over the rest of town where outdoor boilers are outlawed.

if ANYTHING, at least outlaw these pollution devices in highly populated areas like u-west, north pole and the geist areas of the borough.

if i was a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle friend, whatever of a child in school at woodriver on a bad pollution day, i would just keep the kid at home. if all the parents did that, i think someone would at the borough/state would get a clue and fight back against the few polluters.

« NRAforlife wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 11:28 AM »
Civilopinion (not always) wrote: “What polluters, the sensor did not read any levels of particulates in the air.”

The school has been lucky most of the winter. The wind has blown from the north, so the homes south of the boilers have been smoked out, not so much the school. I was there on Thursday and this changed. The boilers were smoking up a storm, and it went right to the school. The sad thing is that this guy who owns the two boilers at his rental units is a multi-millionaire. He saves a couple thousand on cheap, dirty heat for his rental units, his profits goe up, but the health of the students and teachers go down. And we all get to help pay for the new filter system so he can get richer. This guy needs to be stopped.

« Dogwatcher wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 10:50 AM »
The taxpayer can thank the pollution mobsters and the Fairbanks voters for this expensive fix. And yes anyone who goes down the Fairbanks NorthPole hole knows how bad it can get so a few can get cheap dirty heat. They probably go to church to absolve their guilt too.

It looks really bad today although the tops are too obscure to see into the top 300 feet. Can’t even see the billow of the smokestack this am. It means all you guys who voted for dirty air last year are happy today!

And for you guys like the rest of us who tried, just keep pushing or they will close Ft WW and Eielson!

Again we’re paying for the polluter’s cheap and dirty heaters.

« Breathe wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 10:37 AM »
The parents, kids, and staff, every single one of them, should rent some buses and go to each of these smokers’ homes. They could discuss this problem together, one smoker at a time.

« childofsol wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 09:43 AM »
I hope that this ventilation upgrade works, but it is not really a solution for our poor air quality. As bri-z said, it will do nothing for the playground air quality. Children in elementary schools have gym only 2X per week. Physical activity not only leads to better weight maintenance and health, but there is strong evidence that it leads to better cognitive function as well. There is also evidence that being in a natural environment dramatically decreases negative behaviors associated with ADHD.

This polluter should have shut down long ago. Our priorities are totally screwed up.

« chokinginnorthpole wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 07:46 AM »
From: Toxicol Pathol. 2008;36(2):289-310. Epub 2008 Mar 18.


Long-term air pollution exposure is associated with neuroinflammation, an altered innate immune response, disruption of the blood-brain barrier, ultrafine particulate deposition, and accumulation of amyloid beta-42 and alpha-synuclein in children and young adults.

By Calderón-Garcidueñas L et. al.

Instituto Nacional de Pediatría, Mexico City, Mexico. lilian.calderon-garciduenas@umontana.edu


Air pollution is a serious environmental problem. We investigated whether residency in cities with high air pollution is associated with neuroinflammation/neurodegeneration in healthy children and young adults who died suddenly.

We measured mRNA cyclooxygenase-2, interleukin-1beta, and CD14 in target brain regions from low (n = 12) or highly exposed residents (n = 35) aged 25.1 /- 1.5 years. Upregulation of cyclooxygenase-2, interleukin-1beta, and CD14 in olfactory bulb, frontal cortex, substantia nigrae and vagus nerves; disruption of the blood-brain barrier; endothelial activation, oxidative stress, and inflammatory cell trafficking were seen in highly exposed subjects.

Amyloid beta42 (Abeta42) immunoreactivity was observed in 58.8% of apolipoprotein E (APOE) 3/3 < 25 y, and 100% of the APOE 4 subjects, whereas alpha-synuclein was seen in 23.5% of < 25 y subjects.

Particulate material (PM) was seen in olfactory bulb neurons, and PM < 100 nm were observed in intraluminal erythrocytes from lung, frontal, and trigeminal ganglia capillaries.

Exposure to air pollution causes neuroinflammation, an altered brain innate immune response, and accumulation of Abeta42 and alpha-synuclein starting in childhood.

Exposure to air pollution should be considered a risk factor for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and carriers of the APOE 4 allele could have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease if they reside in a polluted environment.

« chsr2010 wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 05:43 AM »
I too grew up with the smell of wood smoke but… You need to go over to Woodriver Elementary and see what the fuss is about. It stinks, and it’s hazy all the time. Who ever is burning over in that area must be doing something very wrong. I wish my grandchildren went to a different school. Hopefully the indoor air may be better at that school now.

« bri-Z wrote on Sunday, Feb 13 at 03:17 AM »
The kids still won’t be able to go out for recess. It’s a real shame that a couple of individuals have caused the district to go to such a huge expense in order to ensure that Woodriver students have clean air to breathe.

I hope the state gets around to charging the uncaring polluters for being a public air quality nuisance.

Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Woodriver Elementary gets experimental ventilation upgrade to fight area s air pollution

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