2011 May 27: CT: Why Phase ll outdoor wood furnaces will not protect people’s property values and health -Even EPA has backed away

2011 May 27: CT: Why Phase ll outdoor wood furnaces will not protect people’s property values and health -Even EPA has backed away

As some states try to take an easy way out of dealing with the harms from outdoor wood furnaces, some states are opting to legislate that people should only be allowed to buy industry’s Phase ll Units. However, these units are not safe. Now, even EPA has backed away from recommending them. See the EPA notice below.

The EPA is postponing publication of its recommendations for residential wood heater New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) until February, 2012. The EPA had intended to publish its recommendations in the Federal Register in June, 2011 and promulgate the new regulations in 2012. This NSPS is not part of a court ordered process, but was initiated in 2008 by a request from NESCAUM and WESTAR. EPA also confirmed that the NSPS will require minimum efficiency standards. (End of EPA statement)

Phase ll outdoor wood furnace units have not been independently tested in the field nor has EPA tested them in the field. People who live near them say they are almost as polluting as the old ones and are still harmed. The technology is still a flawed technology.

Below are three pictures that were sent to Environment and Human Health, Inc. The first picture is a Phase l outdoor wood furnace and the second and third pictures are a Phase ll outdoor wood furnace. The phase ll outdoor wood furnace pictures were taken two years later – the Phase ll unit is in the same place as the Phase l was. You can see there is very little difference in the amount of wood smoke emissions that is coming from the Phase ll Unit. They are dangerous and should be banned. Oregon and Washington State have both banned them – other states should follow suit.

Above Phase l Unit

Above a Phase ll Unit

Above another picture of a Phase ll Unit

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