2011 July 22: EPA works with American Forest & Paper Assoc. President on Boiler MACT Laws, according to AF & PA

2011 July 22: EPA works with American Forest & Paper Assoc. President on Boiler MACT Laws, according to AF & PA

22nd July 2011 – American Forest & Paper Association President and CEO Donna Harman [20 July] the following statement regarding the implementation of laws in the U.S. Senate, the EPA MACT standards boiler management.
“I applaud the leadership of Senators Susan Collins (ME) and Ron Wyden (OR), along with Lamar Alexander (TN), Mary Landrieu (LA), Mark Pryor (AR) and Patrick Toomey (PA) in introducing the Senate two legislatures levels tens of thousands of people to work to protect businesses, municipalities, universities, hospitals and other facilities, the boiler. The bill is of crucial importance to make to create the possibility of job creation and protection of health in the public identification of affordable and attainable standards.
“The EPA has acknowledged that key parts of the boiler MACT should be changed to achieve in terms of real-world performance. At the same time, rules and administrative suspension of the EPA challenge legislation in court. It is the only way, EPA must ensure the time they say they need these rules to determine and non-hazardous secondary materials is generally correct to clearly define the uses traditional fuels in boilers, such as carbon neutral, renewable biomass waste.’s introduction of Senate legislation is a two important step in providing companies with a level of security, while more reasonable rules for the opportunity are set to receive and provide the much needed production.
“Although we continue to work together with the EPA during the entire process, we urge the Senate to quickly pass this legislation to the dual American manufacturing jobs by the EPA more time to meet the standards for boiler protection.”
Source: AF & PA

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