2011 July 24: New EPA Residential Wood Smoke Info Exchange Blog

2011 July 24: EPA recently launched a new blog about Residential Wood Smoke Information: http://blog.epa.gov/woodsmoke/

EPA created this site as an “internal” communications tool to “connect environmental professionals at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels to discuss their efforts to address and reduce air pollution from wood smoke.” The intended audience is federal, state, local, and tribal officials, but the site is viewable to the public. Note that in spite of the internal audience intent, the public already knows about the site from an article in the August 2011 “Wood Smoke Activist” newsletter ( http://woodburnersmoke.net/newsletters.htm).

If you try to post comments, note that they’ll be screened by EPA first. My guess is if we’re not representing the intended audience, our comments won’t be posted. But, at least we’ll get to see any comments that are posted and keep informed of EPA’s efforts at continuing to avoid enforcing existing laws that would control wood smoke.

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