2011 July 29: Sample letter to U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (change as you see fit):

2011 July 29: Sample letter to U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (change as you see fit):
To: The DHHS OIG Public Affairs Office Email: mailto:public.affairs . Message: DHHS problems managing dangerous wood smoke pollution.

Local and state governments are saying they are performing essential services for alleviating health nuisances from wood smoke and they are not. Money is being given to states for services and services are not being delivered. People are dying and being injured severely and to all kinds of degrees from heart and asthma attacks short term to cancer long term. Politicians do not allow local health organizations (LHOs) and toxicologists and supervisory personnel to do their jobs outlined on the esssential core functions website. The Governor’s negligence is the worst. Supervision and investigation from the national level is needed.
Rules and laws should be changed and updated to new science. The Office of Management and Policy should also review management by supervisors and local housing organizations (LHOs) and general policies making the program ineffective. The biggest problem is the cutting of all funds by the Governors, due to the recession perhaps, and/or ignorance or philosophical views in non conformance with health policy and environmental health policy. Essential core functions cannot be compromised because when they are, problems mount and disasters can result with whole cities engulfed in illegal wood smoke.
Evidence and proof can be found at the website: The International Coalition Against Wood Burning Pollution. Photos of houses, cities engulfed in visible smoke are there as well as victims complaints and stories and all the information the victims could find over a 3 year period.
I request help from the U.S. Justice system.

John Doe, address, email, phone #.

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