2011 Aug. 12: WI DNR: Air News (Wood Stove Changeout in Dane County)

2011 Aug. 12: WI DNR: Air News (Wood Stove Changeout in Dane County)August 12, 2011

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Public hearing set for Sept. 13 on ozone redesignation supplement

A public hearing has been set for Tuesday, September 13, 2011, to present a proposed supplement to Wisconsin’s 2009 ozone redesignation request for seven counties. In September 2009 the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a redesignation request for Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington and Waukesha counties and a separate request for Sheboygan County. Those counties had been designated as not attaining the 1997 federal National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for ozone. Based on 2006-2009 air monitoring data, these counties have attained and continue to attain the ozone NAAQS.

The main component of DNR’s supplement is a revised rule concerning Reasonably Achievable Control Technologies for volatile organic compounds (VOC RACT), which was adopted by the Natural Resources Board on August 10, 2011. EPA required DNR to submit the revised VOC RACT rule to complete Wisconsin’s 2009 redesignation request. The supplement also includes updated emission inventories and motor vehicle budgets for the state of Wisconsin.

The public hearing will be held on September 13, at 1:00 p.m. in Room 713 of the GEF 2 Building, 101 S. Webster Street, Madison. Written comments may be submitted to Mr. Jonathan Loftus, Bureau of Air Management, PO Box 7921 – AM/7, Madison WI 53707 by no later than September 16, 2011. Comments may also be submitted electronically to jonathan.loftus. Written comments will have the same weight and effect as oral statements presented at the hearing. Supporting documents can be found online at http://dnr.wi.gov/air/aq/ozone/ozresources.htm .

Dane County woodstove changeout enters phase 2

Old-fashioned wood stoveFrom August 1 through September 30, 2011, Dane County residents may be eligible to receive a $750 rebate from Dane County on the purchase of cleaner-burning, EPA-certified heating appliances. The county rebate, a federal tax credit, and various manufacturer and retailer discounts are available on qualifying EPA-certified wood stoves and inserts, natural gas stoves and inserts, or pellet stoves and inserts. Rebate funds are limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible customers. To be eligible for the rebate, a customer must let the installer remove the old unit and take it away for salvage/recycling; customers who remove old units themselves cannot apply for a rebate.

Newer, EPA-certified wood stoves and inserts offer many benefits. They reduce emissions of fine particles and toxic air pollutants up to 70 percent while increasing energy efficiency by 50 percent. EPA certified stoves use one-third less wood and usually produce only two to five grams of smoke per hour, versus 40 to 60 grams typically produced by older, uncertified stoves and fireplaces. Replacing one inefficient wood stove with a cleaner-burning gas, wood-pellet or wood stove or insert takes 80 lb. of PM 2.5 out of the air, the equivalent of taking five diesel buses off the road.

This two-month program is the second phase of a changeout program run in February and March 2011 by the Dane County Clean Air Coalition, in cooperation with the North Central Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association. To learn more about Dane County’s program and to see a list of participating retailers, go to http://www.healthyairdane.org/woodstove.aspx. According to Lisa MacKinnon of the Dane County Clean Air Coalition, counties in other states have started similar programs using environmental settlement funds, which might be an avenue for other Wisconsin counties to pursue.

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