2011 Aug. 27: Canada, Ontario, Brantford: (Wood smoke emissions) In The Eye of the Storm

2011 Aug. 27: Canada, Ontario, Brantford: (Wood smoke emissions) In The Eye of the Storm

By Linda Baker Beaudin Air Is Precious

Posted 12 hours ago

In the Eye of the Storm

As hurricane Irene reaches landfall on the eastern coast of the Untied States, we watch as cities prepare for its advance toward populated areas. Warnings are dire and there is an apparent and necessary urgency in getting the message out to all who may be affected by the negative impact and deadly results that could come from being caught in the eye of the storm. It is a matter of life and death. Millions could be harmed.
As we pay attention to the details and concern for those who we know who may live in the designated areas that will be hit by hurricane Irene, we can’t help but give thought to what happens to each of us when we face such grave and immediate dangers as this storm.
Yet, daily in our life, within our own communities we face the same, if not even more dire affects from not a storm, but from residential Woodsmoke Pollution, which contains a multitude of toxic chemicals that assault our bodies every day. Yet are we prepared? Are we being informed of these deadly toxins found in Woodburning?
Are our municipalities paying heed to the warnings and comprehensive studies from the scientific, medical communities and environmentalists who tell us that there is no safe amount of Woodsmoke to breathe? Are we receiving the warnings we should be from our Health boards, Mayors, Fire Departments and other organizations regarding Woodsmoke Pollution that is harming us, making us sick, and taking our breath away?
Are we being updated and informed about Woodsmoke and how deadly it is to our health, our quality of life and our future? Did you know we are living in the eye of the storm each second when we are exposed to Woodsmoke?
Did you know there is no safe amount of smoke to breathe? Were you aware that millions have lost their life due to Woodsmoke-related illness? Did you know that you cannot keep Woodsmoke from entering your home? Take seriously the warnings from our doctors, scientists and the environmentalists regarding our life and death from Woodsmoke!
Those who are in the eye of Irene at least are having warnings issued. Canadians are living within the eye of the storm –Woodsmoke- with no help, no warnings, no by-laws to prohibit all Woodburning and no protection from our leaders. None! We are receiving absolutely no help. We are millions who are ill, suffering and dying from Woodsmoke-related illnesses.
Asthma, Cancer, COPD, Cardiopulmonary, Cardiovascular, Stroke, SIDS, respiratory, and many other illnesses are associated with Woodsmoke. Breathing the fine particulate matter (PM2.5) found in Woodsmoke emissions will make you ill and can lead to premature death.
How much longer will Canadians remain unprotected, threatened, disabled, suffering, ill and dying before we are protected via by-laws to ban all Woodburning? How much longer must we remain……… in the eye of the storm?

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