2011 Aug. 31: AK & CT: What happens when an OWF is installed

Aug. 31: AK & CT: What happens when an OWF is installed

This explains the outdoor wood furnace problem better than anyone could. They writer is referring to an outdoor wood furnace that uses only dry wood, has installed a catalyst, has increased the chimney height of the stack – the harmed have installed an air filter – and yet nothing helps. The outdoor wood furnace is still a serious danger to all who live near it. Once installed – there is no recourse or help.
This is why Environment and Human Health and the States of Washington and Oregon have figured out – only a ban can protect people’s health and properties. Towns and states must act.
Nancy Alderman
From the Daily News Miner
” ……..He uses dry wood, increased the chimney height, even installed catalysts last winter, all to help cut the smoke coming from the boiler.
The caller then said “people at the school are still complaining.” Those would be the teachers, parents, grandparents and neighbors complaining. The reason they continue to complain is simple. Nothing he did stopped the smoke. The school is still getting smoked out. Teachers, parents and neighbors watch as the plumes go from the boilers to the school.
The school district even installed a $44,000 filter, taking education funds to do it, to try to keep the smoke out of the school, but it still came in. The outdoor wood boilers across from Woodriver Elementary are the newer EPA qualified boilers. Yet they have smoked out the school and neighborhood for three winters. These outdoor wood boilers are high polluters and don’t belong in that neighborhood.”
The boilers at Woodriver aren’t unique. Other wood boilers are smoking out neighborhoods in U-Park, Riverview, Hamilton Acres, Goldstream, Chena Ridge and the “Rectangle of Death” in North Pole. They may work well in remote areas, but they just don’t belong in our town. They’re taking away the healthy air we all have a right to breathe. Harm from PM 2.5 pollution lasts a lifetime. We have to protect our children, our elders, all of our families. And we need to protect responsible wood stove use. ….”
Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
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Environment and Human Health, Inc.
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