2011 Sept. 3: (Ozone about-face) Environmentalists feeling stung by Obama policies

Environmentalists feeling stung by Obama policies

NYT: The ozone about-face was the final slap that brought a troubled relationship to the brink for some. Full story


John D. Walke, clean air director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an advocacy group based in New York, likened the ozone decision to a “bomb being dropped.”

Mr. Walke and representatives of other environmental groups saw the president’s actions as brazen political sellouts to business interests and the Republican Party, which regards environmental regulations as job killers and a brick wall to economic recovery.

The question for environmentalists became, what to do next?

Story: Obama halts tighter smog rule, citing ‘regulatory burdens’

“There is shock and chaos here,” Mr. Walke said, “so I do not know. I can’t answer that question.” But he added that his group would resume a smog lawsuit against the government that it had dropped because it had been lulled into believing that this administration would enact tougher regulations without being forced to do so by the courts.

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