2011 Sept. 6: Climate, Energy, & Air Weekly Update

2011 Sept. 6: Climate, Energy, & Air Weekly Update

Kyle Danish, Shelley Fidler, Kevin Gallagher, Tomás Carbonell, Kaitlin Gregg

The Obama Administration’s abandonment of efforts to develop a new ozone NAAQS raises a host of questions. Will EPA reinstate the 2008 ozone NAAQS, in which case the agency and the states have a lot of work to do, including designations and submission of State Implementation Plans? Or will EPA allow the 2008 standard to lapse, and simply rely on the 1997 version? The only certainty is litigation from regulated industry, states, and NGOs. Recall that Administrator Jackson called the 2008 standard “legally indefensible” . . . Expect House hearings and further fallout from the bankruptcy of Solyndra . . . A UCLA study praised California’s proposed rules for emissions trading, but singled out for criticism the proposed “buyer liability” approach for addressing offset credit discrepancies identified after issuance . . . What are the implications for the energy sector of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction? Participate in a free webinar hosted by Van Ness Feldman experts on September 13. To Register, click here.Click here to read the Update on our website
Click here for a PDF version of the Update

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