2011 Sept. 11: (Blac k Carbon) Pole-to-Po le Greenhouse Gas Su rvey to End – Report

2011 Sept. 11: (Black Carbon) Pole-to-Pole Greenhouse Gas Survey to End – Report
International Business Times
According to the researchers black carbon is a product of diesel engines, industrial processes and fires. Black carbon consists of pure carbon in several linked forms. It absorbs heat in the atmosphere and warms the Earth. When black carbon is
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International Business Times
Scripps Institution researchers part of team wrapping up greenhouse gas survey
La Jolla Light
One of the initial discoveries made by scientists was the amount of black carbon particulates that are carried over the Central Pacific to the US West Coast. “Levels were comparable with those measured in mega-cities such as Houston or Los Angeles,”
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La Jolla Light
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Aircraft measurements show surprisingly high levels of black carbon
By Anthony Watts
The team also found that black carbon particles—emitted by diesel engines, industrial processes, and fires—are more widely distributed in the atmosphere than previously thought. Such particles can affect climate in various ways, such as
Watts Up With That?
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Climate Scientists’ Pole-to-Pole Greenhouse Gas Survey Near
Black carbon
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