2011 Sept. 11: NY: (Use letter to Sen. Schumer as template for your own letter) Stories, action, health impacts, nightmare for U.S. Senators

2011 Sept. 11: NY: (Use letter to Sen. Schumer as template for your own letter) Stories, action, health impacts, nightmare for U.S. Senators

Personally we sent a video to our U.S. Senator to try and do more work on the Federal level with education as well as get all to understand how no one will listen to you and when they do finally you may find yourself fighting the same battle all over again as we did when our neighbor replaced his OWB with an indoor wood boiler.

Attached is our letter to Senator Schumer in response to follow up info. request from our smoking video. We are providing him history (attached timeline) as well as asking him to understand and address this issue locally and federally.
There are at least 18 Democrats in the U.S. Senate in what I call the most directly impacted States. I hope that those of you in these States or if you have contacts in these other States that you will reach out to them to join us in writing your own “history” to your Senator. With a Democrat in White House now might be good time to educate your Democrats in the Senate as a start. If you do send letters I would like to have a copy of the letter so if we get a meeting w/Senator Schumer we can bring your letters to him with us. It seems each of us should carry the letters of other States to our Legislators when we meet with them. We need to join together now and raise up this issue to the Feds. The States are NOT getting it and the EPA is dragging their heels.

Some of the names of the Sentors are some pretty big names even to those who do not live in their State so I hope that means they have real leadership, clout and brains. Let’s get them to know our story. Send them videos. Send them letters. Give them an education and ask them for action. We need to educate on how serious wood smoke is to the public’s health but also how horrendous it is to live next door to wood boilers. 900,000 Tons of pollution per year. Feel free to lift anything from our letter that will help you make your case but your case needs to be your story.

Leiberman and Blumenthal in CT
Durbin – IL
Shaheen – NH
Franken – MN
Harkin – IA
Leahy – VT
McCaskill – MO
Carper and Coons – DE
Levin – MI
Brown – OH
Conrad – ND
Johnson – SD
Klobuchar- MN
Lautenberg – NJ
Casey – PA

Since I’m not sure what states you all are in if you have contacts in other States, please get them on board to get this train moving.

Bonnie and John Lichak

10 OWF cases.doc



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