2011 Sept. 16: Canada, Ontario, Windsor & CT: Outdoor wood furnace burner sued and fined $50,000

2011 Sept. 16: Canada, Ontario, Windsor & CT: Outdoor wood furnace burner sued and fined $50,000

The news article below is about a woman who fought a neighbor’s outdoor wood furnace in the courts for 6 years at a cost to her of $38,000 — and that is after she was awarded a $50,000 settlement from the outdoor wood furnace burner. The woman lives in Windsor, Ontario – Canada. Although in Canada – Windsor is slightly south of Detroit, Michigan.
This is one of the first cases where a person has had enough money to sue their neighbor for damages from an outdoor wood furnace and has won. If we begin to see more of these cases – the outdoor wood furnace issue might finally go away – in spite of the Farm Bureau and Central Boiler’s lobbying efforts that have kept states from being able to ban these dangerous wood burning appliances to protect people’s health and property values.
The woman in Windsor experienced what everyone in the United States has experienced. Once an outdoor wood furnace is allowed to be installed in a town or a state – – the neighbors suffer serious health effects and no government agency – either local or state — is able to help them. Therefore – the answer must be — not to allow them to be installed in the first place.
Nancy Alderman
Our issue began back in 2002 but we wasted two years before seeking legal help because we really believed that there was help forthcoming from either our town or one of the governing agencies. This battle has cost us thousands of dollars and about 10 years of both physical and emotional stress.
Shirley Brandie, — Windsor, Canada
Nancy Alderman, President
Environment and Human Health, Inc.
1191 Ridge Road
North Haven, CT 06473
(phone) 203-248-6582
(Fax) 203-288-7571
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