2011 Oct. 1: AK Fairbanks: (Vote for Prop. 2 on Oct. 4) Wild Flier

2011 Oct. 1: AK Fairbanks: (Vote for Prop. 2 on Oct. 4) Wild Flier
Wild flier
by Jen LandryFairbanks Daily News Miner
Oct 01, 2011 |

Sept. 28, 2011

To the editor:

Interior Alaskans Opposed to Prop 2 is circulating a flier full of wild inaccuracies.

Some corrections:

Flier: Well-funded environmentalists collected signatures to get the issue on the ballot.

Truth: Volunteers gathered every signature.

Flier: The borough is mandated to fine wood stove use.

Truth: Dead wrong. Prop 2 explicitly prohibits the borough from fining residents for proper wood stove use. The only time any fines are plausible is when someone’s burning practices are so poor that neighbors complain about a chronic smoke problem.

Flier: The borough can hire wood “police” to check wood moisture.

Truth: Prop 2 does not even address this issue. To the extent such a thing could happen, it is already in borough code.

Flier: Prop 2 would require new taxes and bureaucracy.

Truth: At the recent library forum, borough staff explained — in the presence of members of this opposition group — that existing air quality staff can do this work. No new taxes or bureaucracy are needed.

Flier: Prop 2’s emission standards are so extreme that almost all wood stoves would be in violation and subject to a fine.

Truth: To make sure that responsible wood burners would not be impacted, Prop 2’s emission standard is actually quite relaxed. It is a plume of 30 percent opacity; cities such as Anchorage and the entire state of Washington, which have already addressed similar problems, use a much stricter 20 percent opacity standard, and people are still able to burn wood.

Looked at from another angle, would Prop 2 supporters write the initiative so that it would be guaranteed to create a firestorm of controversy by putting the screws to everyone who owns a wood stove? Of course not. They are trying to help clean our air, not bring Fairbanks to its knees. They tried to do that by taking an approach that focuses most intensively on the fewest number of people — the wood boilers and coal burners that are only 5 percent of our solid fuel burning devices but that cause more than 50 percent of our particulate pollution. They did a good job of striking a balance on a difficult issue.

Jen Landry


« oldowl wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 11:55 AM »
Good letter Jen. I personally saw Sylvia Schultz in front of the library on several occasions talking to people and getting signatures – which is where I signed her petition. She gave a great deal of time and energy to do something she believes is right.

« BS.detector wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 10:09 AM »

This flier must be the work of Tammie Wilson. For a reveling look at Tammie, one that she would rather you didn’t see, go to Dermot Cole’s blog…

http://newsminer.com/pages/full_story/push?blog-entry-New nonprofit gains state grant for wood boiler retrofit work & id=15786941&instance=blogs_editors_desk

« TheAlaskaCurmudgeon wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 10:02 AM »
childofsol: Let’s also remember that Carpetbagger Tammie (or maybe we should call her “Blue-Tarper Tammie”) came to Alaska, applied for a PFD within weeks of arrival, and immediately filed for public office.

She may be dumb, but she knows the local rubes are dumber. She’s the ultimate Outsider running a scam on the easily fooled.

« childofsol wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 09:30 AM »
TAC is right. You frequently hear politicians, etc claiming that they are supported by the people, while their opponents are represented by special interests. In this case, it is true. Think about that when you’re all up in arms about the “wood stove police” coming to get you. Perhaps you should worry more about being purchased by coal sellers and Virginia grill makers.

« TheAlaskaCurmudgeon wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 09:23 AM »
Let’s not forget that the funding for Prop 2 is local, while the opponents got their cash from Outside interests:


« OneDad wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 08:29 AM »
Oh, right, and they are all parked at the end of my driveway *right now* with radar guns…. I can see them out there, they are laughing and counting the fines they will charge me when I violate the speed limit by just 1 mph…

not sure what reality you live in FBgas… there will be little action unless there are significant complaints, but when there are, this gives people recourse to address the problem.

« FBX79 wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 07:25 AM »
Mr. Tar Baby, look at the lower right hand corner of the map. There is an arrow there indicating wind direction. It is pointed north. The smoke from the boilers is going north, right to the school.

The owner of the boilers tried the catalysts last winter. They didn’t work. The borough spent education money to install the filters. The smoke was so thick it still got into the school.

The problem is more than just this one neighborhood. It is in any area with outdoor wood boilers or coal stoves. It is in the flats AND in the hills, including Chena Ridge and Farmers Loop. Prop 2 will fix the problem.

« FBX79 wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 05:53 AM »
Mr. May, I know it is hard to tell where the problem is from your home in Ontairo, Canada. I’ll make it easy for you. Here is a map of the smoke at Woodriver School on a day when the air quality in Fairbanks was good. The smoke is coming from two outdoor wood boilers and two coal boilers close to the school. (Note that the boiler to the southeast of the school is coal, not wood as shown on the map.)

If you click on the map, you will go to a web site where three maps are shown. The map on the left is an overview of the air quality of the entire Fairbanks bowl. Click on that, and you will get a close-up view. You can see that the air around the UAF power plant is clean, while neighborhoods with outdoor wood boilers and coal stoves are polluted.

Prop 2 will fix our smoke problem. Please vote yes.

Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Wild flier

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