2011 Sept. 27: AK Fairbanks: Have a heart & COMMENTS (Vote YES on Prop. 2 on Oct. 4)

2011 Sept. 27: AK Fairbanks: Have a heart & COMMENTS (Vote YES on Prop. 2 on Oct. 4)

To the editor:

I’m a 19-year resident of University West. I love my neighborhood and Fairbanks, too. However, on a winter day, as I head home, the scene is discouraging. A dark brown layer of choking air blankets University West.

As an asthmatic and the survivor of a damaging lung disease, the scene makes me miserable. I have to go home. I’ve known our neighbors have a right to burn wood, as I do occasionally. However, wood burning boilers now make the air painful to breathe. Sometimes my voice deteriorates so I can’t sing in church and I have trouble answering the phone.

Tammie Wilson says Fairbanksans can work things out without regulation. Apparently not. How many more years do I have to sit in my own home with pain in my chest? If I went to a boiler owner’s house and gave him injuries requiring prescription drugs, I’d land in jail. Yet these people knowingly inflict damage on me and also on young children. Picture a child lying on a gurney, her diaphragm retracted alarmingly as she struggles to breathe. Her frightened eyes and the wheezing in her chest are terrifying. How many children must these people send to the hospital before our town takes steps?

Yes, we do ensure civility. We create rules and enforce them when the public good is threatened and the perpetrators knowingly persist. In most assaults, the police file charges. If a terrorist poisons the public water, the government throws them in jail. If a driver recklessly injures someone, they are tried for assault. Isn’t putting someone in the emergency room an assault?

My husband and I will vote for Proposition 2. We vote knowing that everyone will be allowed to use their wood stoves under the new ordinance, in spite of the opposition’s disinformation. Having studied the proposition, we understand that borough programs will help our neighbors heat their homes while reducing the harmful effects of particulates. Please give a hand to our children, the elderly and the disabled. Have a human heart and vote for Prop 2.

Robin Barker





« BS.detector wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 09:56 AM »
Take that Tammie wilson!

« sc_birch wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 09:45 AM »
Robin, Your letter put a knot in my stomach this morning. Your description of a child struggling to breath was frightening. I have never seen that in a human but have in a dog that I lost last spring. I’m not trying to compare a child to a dog, just that the description brought back memories of her painful struggle for air. It was tough to see that in my best 4 legged friend and I can not imagine the fear of a child or human suffering like that.

But thank you for your letter. You point out well why we need this in the codes. I’m sorry to say that some people will not do the right thing unless it is the law and others not even then.

I voted early at the Borough building last week and voted YES on Proposition 2.

Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Have a heart

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