2011 Oct. 1: AK Fairbanks: COMMENTS in support of Prop. 2

2011 Oct. 1: AK Fairbanks: COMMENTS in support of Prop. 2
aintnocanary wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 09:21 PM »
Just because a person owns property that fact should not give that person an unmitigated right to conduct activities that spew out air pollution like a son of a gun and allow that pollution to drift off onto other people’s properties and onto and across public roads and onto other locations where people live, go to school, and do business, and then make those people sick, whether or not the people are property owners or renters or whatever.

And why should your excessive, toxic smoke pollution be allowed to drift onto my property and make people in my household sick? I am a taxpayer and property owner too, and such gross polluters are devaluing my property and making it hazardous for my family to safely use and enjoy our own property.

With rights come responsibilities. There should not be an unmitigated right to release toxic substances into the air that drift off and harm other people and make other people’s properties and public roads and other areas unsafe.

Vote YES on Prop 2 to reduce harmful air pollution concentrations in the Fairbanks/North Pole vicinity.

« blue_eyes wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 05:35 PM »
It is not a sad day in Alaska when Fairbanksans vote to take care of a problem themselves, rather than letting the Feds come in and fix it for us.

Many of the sponsors and signers in support of prop 2 heat with wood. Proposition 2 does not prohibit woodburning in a woodstove. I depend on wood heat for my home – there is nothing in Prop 2 that says people need to heat with oil or electricity.

The most frugal heating option is an indoor EPA certified woodstove. And that heat source won’t go out when the power does, and is protected by prop 2.

OneDad wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 10:08 AM »
When I drive by the power plants, I don’t notice anything. Power plant scrubbers do work to remove sulfur oxides. They’re also monitored very closely by the State DEC and EPA. They’re permitted facilities.

But when I drive by that guy burning coal on the corner of Farmers Loop, I see a blue or brown haze, smell the coal, and often wind up brushing away tears from my eyes and coughing as I drive.

Sometimes, the smell from that burner has been so strong that I still smell it when I get in my car again the next morning.

« blue_eyes wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 07:33 AM »
Healy coal might be cheap, but residential units don’t have baghouses and scrubbers. Healy coal is high in lead and selenium.

And, if you live in an older Fairbanks home with no HRV or filter, about 70% of the outside air’s particulate matter is making it inside your home. Staying inside is no defense to our air pollution problem.

And, we do have an air pollution problem. TIME magazine just declared our air the 7th worst in the nation.

« FBX79 wrote on Saturday, Oct 01 at 06:07 AM »
Ms. Schuhmann, neither the EPA nor the borough lists “clean” wood boilers. They list them as “cleaner”, which means they are cleaner than the old Phase 1 stoves, which were even worse than the Phase 2 stoves. The stoves that are creating the problems at Woodriver are “cleaner” Phase 2 stoves made by Central Boiler.

To get on EPA’s list of “cleaner” stoves, all a company has to do is submit their information to EPA that shows that the stoves are “cleaner”.

So, Central Boiler submitted their emissions data to EPA. The state of Vermont hired engineers to check the numbers provided to EPA for a Central Boiler hydronic heater. Central Boiler claimed their unit produced 3.6 g/hr of PM2.5, which would be pretty clean. When Vermont ran the numbers on Central Boiler’s data (which may already have been skewed), they came up with 93.76 g/hr! Read the report yourself:


So, can you believe the manufacturer claims? Can you believe the numbers shown on EPA’s table, when it is all suppied by the manufacturer? I don’t think so.

And what about those clean burning coal stoves? According to USGS Report DDS-77 (Google it) states that Healy coal is high in lead and selenium, and also has mercury and beryllium. Not the things I want my kids to be breathing.

We have to protect our community, we have to protect our schools. Vote yes on Prop 2.

Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Read proposition

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