2011 Oct. 6: AK Fairbanks: Opponents to Proposition 2 air measure found all over Interior, even in high pollution areas

by Matt Buxton / mbuxton@newsminer.com Fairbanks Daily News Miner
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FAIRBANKS — Areas of the borough most affected by woodsmoke posed some of the staunchest opposition to Proposition 2 in Tuesday’s municipal election, according to precinct results. North Pole and i…

TheLighterSide wrote on Thursday, Oct 06 at 02:38 PM »

Pat80, follow the thread. I was responding to snow_ball’s assertion that Prop-2 folks tried to coordinate a smoke-out to influence the election. His logic was not compelling. As to your comment, are you referring to the 2 recent votes on air quality issues? Again, I challenge you (again)…yes, folks have voted twice to shoot down efforts to address the air quality problems. Regardless, something _will_ be done whether you like it or not. Contribute a realistic plan to address the problem. What do you suggest? I’m off for a while. I’ll check back tomorrow to see your thoughtful, logical, realistic vision.

« TheLighterSide wrote on Thursday, Oct 06 at 02:16 PM »
Dear snow_ball, why analyze something fully logically when a knee-jerk, whacked out conspiracy theory will do? Because the latter is more fun? “The only conclusion that logically explains this occurrence [of smokiness on Oct4] is that certain proponents of Proposition 2 either independently decided, or cooperatively organized to smoke out the Fairbanks area in an attempt to manipulate the voters to vote “Yes” on 2.”

Right. AndPro-Prop2 folks did the same thing on Sept 4 and Sept 22 and Oct 3 when the PM1.0 levels spiked. That is the only “logical” explanation…for someone who’s a little short on the logic quotient. Hey, and thanks for saying Prop-2 folks are basically unethical evil-doers. A little character assassination never hurts a strong argument.

« 4thstreet wrote on Thursday, Oct 06 at 11:31 AM »
i have lived in this town for 30 years and i still go blank trying to understand what it is that makes so many in this area be so proud of being so stupid.

all regulations are not bad; only bad regulations.

people (especially stupid people) need some regulations
for starters, and to make it simple, no one needs or has A RIGHT to own a stove that is burning 20 or 30 cords of wood/winter and sending the smoke out a short stack into the neighbors face; no one.

TheLighterSide wrote on Thursday, Oct 06 at 10:39 AM »
And, no Pat80, you assume wrong. I know many folks who supported Prop-2 and not one of them meets even one of your 3 descriptors. They are all property owners. They are nearly all private sector or at least government without the housing allowance (??who the heck gets one of those?!). And they have modest incomes, well under $150k. Of course it is easy to want to vilify those who disagree with you rather than arguing the issues on their own merits.

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