2011 Oct. 15: Canada: Letter to U.S. EPA Representative: Smoke pollution

2011 Oct. 15: Canada: Letter to U.S. EPA Representative: Smoke pollution
Mr.(EPA Representative),

I have not heard back from you but having thought some more on this issue I find myself even more baffled at the lack of help for people being exposed to the smoke from these boilers that is driven straight at their homes and properties. Looking through the vast collection of photos & videos that have been sent to me makes my blood boil at the thought that the EPA allows so many to suffer this way.

Surely the EPA must know at some level that these people are being harmed by this smoke and, down the road, the chances of developing cancer are well-documented. Some agencies in Canada, such as the Canadian Cancer Society, have listed wood smoke as carcinogenic.
Why are people being allowed, or should I say ‘forced’ to breathe in these toxics?

A question I want to ask you is what you would do if your neighbour added one of these boilers and you were then in the same position as so many people are?
Naturally you would speak to the neighbor. The neighbor would tell you that he is within his rights and to blow it out your ear. You would try every agency you could find only to be given a crap-load of sympathy…or a story that these are being investigated (meanwhile, you know full-well how many years of smoke are in your future) and at that point you start to lose faith in all those that you truly thought were there to protect you.

I guess the saddest thing a person finds out is that these agencies DO NOT CARE a whit. They don’t want to deal with your problem. They want you to squander away your life savings, lose your home and move on.

I suppose many of you know that people have lost respect for the EPA but you pat yourself on the back because WOW!!! Big Business loves you all to pieces. It isn’t hard to figure out why. They are given all they need to carry on in their polluting ways and bringing dollars to the government at the same time. Bring in the dollars on the backs of the residents…nice going.

Is there one among you that is willing to stick their neck out and tell the public the truth? Please send his or her email, if so.
I’d like to speak with someone who really gives a damn about people.

Shirley Brandie

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