2011 Oct. 13: OH Cleveland: In one week, hundreds of young people are converging in Cleveland for Midwest Power Shift.

2011 Oct. 13: OH Cleveland: In one week, hundreds of young people are converging in Cleveland for Midwest Power Shift.

It’s our chance to come together and continue to build a movement around revitalizing the heartland with a clean energy economy.

And it’s our chance to join a growing nationwide movement to stop the most disastrous dirty energy project in the country: the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. That’s why we’re excited to announce that at Midwest Power Shift we will be hosting the largest tar sands action that the Midwest has seen yet.

We need as many people as possible to build our movement and make sure our voices are heard on these critical issues. Registration closes this Sunday night. Register now and check out the amazing set of workshops which were just posted:


This is an all hands on deck moment. With people across the country standing up to big corporations and political corruption, a massive gathering of young voters in a critical state demanding President Obama stand up to Big Oil and reject the Keystone XL pipeline could breakthrough.

Registration closes this Sunday, October 16th at Midnight. Register NOW to help make Midwest Power Shift all it can be.

People around the country have been standing up to say no to this disastrous pipeline. In the last week there have been three youth-led rallies to tell Obama “Yes We Can Stop the Pipeline,” including one in St. Louis, MO. At Midwest Power Shift we’ll come together for an action to bring our voices together and make it clear to President Obama that young people across the Midwest refuse to let this pipeline cut through our heartland.

Midwest love.

Ethan Nuss
Field Director
Energy Action Coalition

P.S. Help make this huge by sharing this on Facebook and inviting your friends!

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