2011 Oct. 19: Chile, Santiago: Huffington Post: (Wood burning & Particulates) Heating and Air Pollution

2011 Oct. 19: Chile, Santiago: Huffington Post: (Wood burning & Particulates) Heating and Air Pollution
Huffington Post
In developing countries it is more of an indoor air quality issue, as wood is used for both cooking and heating, and the carbon monoxide, particulate matter Excerpt:

What can we learn about experiences worldwide in reducing wood burning emissions? First off, that wood needs to be addressed officially as a fuel, and therefore regulated in its quality and sources. Green and wet wood both increased emissions, and reduces heating capacity. It also is linked to deforestation, as it is harvested as a heating source but not replenished. Changes need to occur in wood burning stove technologies, as more efficient stoves both burn cleaner, cause less indoor air pollution problems, and require less wood to generate the same amount of heat. And that in large cities, where a single stove can generate more than 1500 USD/year in environmental externalities, we should think about outright bans in wood burning. In Santiago 8 percent of the population uses wood burning stoves, yet contribute to 49 percent of the pollution. 71 percent of them are in the top 10 percent income bracket, since their large homes are too costly to heat due to their large size. Nighttime flow of emissions from the rich part of town causes this pollution to accumulate in the poor part of town, reaching over 120ug/m3 of 24h PM2.5 (almost 4 times the US standard). Indeed, wood burning is an environmental justice issue that can be solved easily with a ban of its use in Santiago.

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