2011 Oct. 22 AK Fairbanks: Part 3 Comments (Oct. 25 Workship) Agencies offer look at health, pollution problems in Fairbanks

2011 Oct. 22 AK Fairbanks: Part 3 Comments (Oct. 25 Workship) Agencies offer look at health, pollution problems in Fairbanks
Fairbanks Daily News Miner

FAIRBANKS — Local and state agencies are working to educate the public on the health impact of air pollution as smoke plumes sprout up across the Fairbanks area as the temperature drops and people fire up their wood stoves.

The borough and the Alaska Departments of Environmental Conservation and Health and Social Services will hold a public workshop on air pollution and public health on Tuesday.

The event, free to the public, will be held at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center from 5:30-8 p.m. It will feature a handful of air pollution and public health experts from local, state and national agencies who will speak about and answer questions on the consequences of air pollution and public health. (…)

Air pollution has been linked to asthma, chronic bronchitis, heart and lung problems, and premature death, Ha said. It’s particularly harmful for older people, young people and people with heart and lung problems.

The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center is located at 101 Dunkel St. in downtown Fairbanks.

Contact staff writer Matt Buxton at 459-7544.

• What: Free air pollution and public health workshop

• When: 5:30-8 p.m. Tuesday

• Where: Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center, 101 Dunkel St.

« coldfeet wrote on Saturday, Oct 22 at 10:51 AM »
Hopefully some of the ignorance surrounding the effects of particulate pollution from smoke will be cleared up. Unfortunately, I suspect the people who most pollute and most need some education will not be there to learn anything. They have their heads firmly in the ignorant past and don’t want to be confused by facts and up to date science. Besides, their idea of freedom is to do what they want and to heck with their neighbors and the rest of the community.

« gadian wrote on Saturday, Oct 22 at 10:20 AM »
There are few things more disturbing than willful ignorance. One of those more disturbing things is the idea that people embrace willful ignorance in order to believe that it gives them more freedom.

In reality, because these people don’t have all of the information, don’t attend the meetings, and don’t read up on the science, they have no idea of the implications of this discussion. They are having one conversation and everyone else is having another, but they’re too ignorant to realize this. However, so long as they are “Free” they don’t care.

Being educated and informed is ALWAYS a good thing.

If ignorance is bliss, there are many truly blissful posters in this thread.

« childofsol wrote on Saturday, Oct 22 at 10:09 AM »
Yep, the doctors, public health nurses, chemist, etc., are all spewing environmentalist propaganda.

Actually, Lance, you need look no further than your nose for propaganda. Promoting your mutated religion of Godmoneypropertyrights at every turn.

« childofsol wrote on Saturday, Oct 22 at 09:59 AM »
There are probably a lot more borough residents who appreciate borough services than you who don’t.

« 2cold wrote on Saturday, Oct 22 at 09:03 AM »
Time Magazine ranks us top 10 Worst Polluted:


and “Air Pollution: An Environmental Factor Contributing to Intestinal Disease”:


and “Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Air Pollution and Immune Status Among Women in the Seattle Area”


and “The Eye–a Neglected Organ in Environmental and Occupational Medicine: an Overview of Known Environmental and Occupational Non-traumatic Effects on the Eyes”


and “Particulate Pollution and Otitis Media in the First Two Years of Life”


and “(Diabetes)Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Fine Particulate Pollution Induces Insulin Resistance and Mitochondrial Alteration in Adipose Tissue”


Last study used mice, some like me they are being subjected to PM 2.5 and had provable negative effects.

Thanks for reading,

a rat in the flats.

« 2cold wrote on Saturday, Oct 22 at 08:46 AM »
Wow, more than a few folks who still believe the

earth is flat. and no amount of evidence can convince them otherwise. or is scientific evidence “propaganda”? Most all of my bad air is from uphill here on Farmer’s Loop. My land in 1993 was $8,000 for 5 acres. The further you go up in the hills the more expensive the land is, more like $30,000 per acre.

Good arguement on poor folk having to burn wood but not really any big part of the problem, their contribution, but I’d agree it needs to be addressed.

But with 5 wood boilers way up near the top on Farmer’s Loop they all ‘drain’ down to me. Would you object to those rich folks up on high dumping raw septic waste out their back doors? Where would it go? Down the hill into the flats, Just like our horrible inversions cause the air to go. Thank God the Politicians and Bureaucrats have enacted Laws forbidding it. Right now though I have Septic Smoke draining down to me. Please don’t overlook this fact: Negative health effects which I do not have an option to avoid. Your ‘Freedoms’ end when they negatively effects others. Being Responsible for your actions is part of being Free.

Check out this local person’s website:


Over 100 links to research on pm 2.5 harmful effects.

and that’s why our responsible and hard working State Employees are offering this opportunity to inform us of what risks we are taking by living in Fairbanks with this unaddressed toxic woodsmoke.

« childofsol wrote on Saturday, Oct 22 at 08:35 AM »

“The people” didn’t vote for freedom. One quarter of the voters voted for their version of “freedom”. (My version involves having the ability to enjoy Alaska, both indoors and out.)

“Wood is a “green” fuel”; “government takeover”; “liberal outsiders”; “it’s the power plants”; “they’ll be after all wood stoves next”; “old people never go outside”; “it’s the cold, not the smoke”…..the lies and misinformation continue.

« TheAlaskaCurmudgeon wrote on Saturday, Oct 22 at 08:29 AM »
Only communists believe in health. Liberty is sitting on you ever-fattening butt smoking unfiltereds, eating foods with filled with dozens of ingredients no one can pronounce, and posting reel smaert stuf on newsminer.com.

Down with communism. Hooray for liberty.

(Cough, cough, cough, gag, wheeze, insert cardiac failure for Jesus here.)

Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Agencies offer look at health pollution

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