2011 Nov. 24: U.K. England, London: Why that ‘eco-friendly’ wood-burning stove is actually harming the environment

2011 Nov. 24: U.K. England, London: COMMENTS on Why that ‘eco-friendly’ wood-burning stove is actually harming the environment

The government needs to ban these. This is the 21st century!

– Thomas Roll, London, 26/11/2011 9:18


Heating for cheapskates.

– Internal Server Error., Manchester., 26/11/2011 9:38


yuo don’t need a scientist to tell us that our neighbours stinky wood stove is poisoning the air…..

– BrummyDoug, Birmingham, 26/11/2011 9:11


A retired couple moved into the house over the back from us and installed one of these. All through the winter on Sundays we get the loud buzz of him using a circular saw to cut logs up and there is constant smoke coming from the chimney.

– Heather, Edinburgh, 26/11/2011 10:02


The smell coming into my house, from homes burning wood in stoves, makes me feel ill. It is a choking smell and I do have the vents closed but it permeates through

– kittie, uk, 26/11/2011 13:11


You wood burning folk only care about yourself. You stink the whole street out without any care in the world.

– Dave, Uk, 26/11/2011 23:26



Unfortunately the increasing use of log burners has led to an increase in illegal tree felling which not only spoils the landscape and is detrimental not only to the environment but also the habitat of wildlife! So not only are log burners a health hazard, they are also encouraging criminal activity!

– Karen, Lincolnshire, England, 26/11/2011 10:30

And the fumes stink!

– Ray Smith, Nottingham, 26/11/2011 11:22

We breathe out CO2 and the trees breathe it in and give us back the O2. How in the name of all the gods can cutting down trees to burn them be Eco Friendly.

– Gordon Webster, Dundee, UK, 26/11/2011 10:28

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2066520/Why-eco-friendly-wood-burning-stove-actually-harming-environment.html#ixzz1fF5rVgvM
Daily Mail
Sales of the stoves, which emit harmful black carbon similar to diesel fumes from cars, have risen in recent years as homeowners seek a cosy alternative to gas-effect fires or a cheaper way to heat their properties. Many believe the stoves to be
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Daily Mail
UN report suggests environmental measures that could save millions of lives
UN News Centre
More than two million lives can be saved each year by implementing the cost-effective measures presented in a United Nations report released today, which would help reduce black carbon, methane and ozone emissions. The report, issued by the UN
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