2011 Dec. 9: IA: (Democratic Caucuses January 3, 2012 LINK) Why organizing matters

2011 Dec. 9: IA: (Democratic Caucuses January 3, 2012 LINK) Why organizing matters

December 9, 2011
In the recent special election in Senate District 18, we saw what can happen when Democrats organize and work together towards victory. Building that kind of strong, Democratic organization across the state is what makes attending the 2012 Iowa Democratic Caucuses so important.
Although it is an uncontested presidential year, the caucuses are a tremendous organizing opportunity for Democrats as we prepare for 2012. Not only is this a chance for Iowans to hear from local candidates, caucus goers this year will hear directly from the Obama campaign, get involved, and organize for victories from the White House to the Statehouse in 2012.
Will you take a minute and commit to caucus on January 3rd?
Having successful Democratic Caucuses in precincts across the state is the best way to ensure that Democrats win in 2012. As the kickoff to our general election campaign, we need dedicated Democrats like you to visit TheCaucuses.com where you can learn more about the process and commit to attend your caucus.
With your continued support we’ll see more victories in 2012, just like Senate District 18. I hope you’ll join me by caucusing in 2012.

Mike Gronstal, Iowa Senate Majority Leader

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