2011 Dec. 11: KY Louisville & CT: Wood smoke in Kentucky – why do we send this out?

2011 Dec. 11: KY Louisville & CT: Wood smoke in Kentucky – why do we send this out?
Dear All,

Why are we sending this out – it is about a neighbor’s meat smoker in Kentucky- not an outdoor wood furnace – not a bunch of indoor wood stoves all burning at once – not open brush burning – or any other wood burning that can make excessive smoke and cause neighbors to suffer?
We send this out to show that Environment and Human Health, Inc. is getting pleas for help from all over the country asking us for help with their neighbor’s wood smoke that is making them sick. The cries are all the same – no matter what state we are talking about – other than the states of Washington and Oregon.
No one will help these suffering families – and so – not knowing where to turn after trying all the local and state agencies that they can think of — they find us in their desperation.
Here is the family from Kentucky talking.
Best, Nancy
We live in Louisville, KY. I did an internet search and saw your website.
Our neighbors love their Texan style meat smoker. Unfortunately, we live down wind and they have it
installed on the corner of their home closest to us. Hence, we get their smoke while they are mostly upwind. The smoke is thick enough that I would never consider spending a day in the yard and we have had landscapers complain when working on our property. We have expressed our feelings to our neighbors and even offered to cover the cost of venting the smoke to chimney height (although, I worry that this would be money wasted.) No matter, they have not obliged.
When we let our little dog back in from being outside, he smells like a smoked turkey. Urrr, little things pile up and really do make me feel like a useless complainer. I detest this state of mind.
To do more would be war and most of our neighbors are hard set against government involvement. It would really not be fun to be shunned by those who live so close and branded and as malcontent complainers.
Currently, the county has such an ordinance but it specifically excludes “smokers.”
I would love it if the suburban city commissioners would simply make it an ordinance that would discourage excessive wood emissions.
The smaller suburban city can write ordinances that are not necessarily consistent with the county. For instance, the city recently banned residents from having any livestock, such as chickens, even though the county explicitly allows it.
Any suggestions are welcome.
I have removed their names
Nancy Alderman, President
Environment and Human Health, Inc.
1191 Ridge Road
North Haven, CT 06473
(phone) 203-248-6582
(Fax) 203-288-7571
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