2011 Dec. 22: A year of crazy weather

2011 Dec. 22: A year of crazy weather

The Climate Reality Project

After a year of wild weather and temperature extremes, we have learned anew that climate change isn’t just a theory — it’s a reality affecting millions of people all over the world. Yet incredibly, there are still those who deny the science and reject the evidence in front of their eyes.

It’s never been more urgent to stand up to the deniers and pursue real solutions to the climate crisis. And with your help, that’s exactly what The Climate Reality Project is doing. We are sending thousands of trained volunteers into the field to say that climate change is real and our leaders need to take action.

This holiday season, help our trained Climate Presenters tell the truth about climate change all over the world. Will you make a $5 donation to support our Presenters at The Climate Reality Project?

This is the year when the reality of climate change hit home. Climate change has increased our vulnerability to extreme weather, and we are seeing the consequences more frequently and in new locations around the world.

This year, we saw one extraordinary weather event after another, from torrential rains in the Midwest to extreme drought in the American South. In Texas, daily temperatures were a full five degrees above normal! The story was much the same across the rest of the world.

This means delay is not an option — and that’s why the work our Climate Presenters are doing is so important.

Even a small contribution will make a big difference. It costs an average of $17 to fund a Climate Reality presentation. With your help, our trained Climate Presenters can reach hundreds of thousands of people. They are traveling to schools, churches, business meetings and town halls to grow the global movement to solve this crisis.

Just this fall, we’ve received nearly 2,000 requests for Climate Reality presentations. Our Presenters are community leaders who have each been personally trained by our Chairman, former Vice President Al Gore, and who work to engage people at a grassroots level to take meaningful action now.

Will you make a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year? Donate $5 to help our Climate Presenters grow the worldwide movement to solve the climate crisis.


Thanks for all you do,

Maggie L. Fox
President and CEO
The Climate Reality Project

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