2012 Jan. 6: IN Saint Paul & CT: “This place was our heaven but was turned into a

2012 Jan. 6: IN Saint Paul & CT: “This place was our heaven but was turned into a
hell by our neighbor” An e-mail we received today – worth reading

We send this e-mail out to our whole list so you can see what people
around the country are living with when an outdoor wood furnace moves
into their neighborhood. The people who wrote us today are from
Indiana – but it doesn’t matter what the state one is from – the
story is the same everywhere. Unless you have enough money to
abandon your home and move to another home – you and your family are
doomed to be sick from the excessive amount of wood smoke that comes
into your home on a continuous basis.

Until this issue is solved by government regulations – our advice is
people must move out of these homes – it is just too dangerous to
health to breathe in this much smoke on a continuos basis.
Best, Nancy

To Environment and Human Health, Inc.
December 6, 2012

We are having a terrible time breathing in our own home tonight and
can’t get any help. We are in our 60’s and I have had breast cancer
and colon and we cannot afford to move out of our home.

Although we have had our house listed with four different realtors,
we have came to the conclusion that no one wants a house with the
devil stoking the fire. I have been awfully sick from this and had
pneumonia twice. Our home was so beautiful — we were gardeners. I
grow irises and day lilies and all kinds of vegetables — but now we
cant get out in our yard even on pretty sunny days because of the
horrible smoke. Lung specialist gave me prescription for a dusk
mask. It is hard to find the strength to go on when you have to
look out the window on pretty days and watch your flowers die cause
you cant go out side.

People used to come walk through my yard but now even they can’t
stand the smoke. It gets on our clothes our hair even effects my
eyes and I had surgery done on them. Our neighbor has the
Woodmaster 400 in front of our door with in about 35 feet — so
the south wind will blow it in our home. Sometimes we have to get
out of bed at 3 AM because we can’t breathe. What ever he is
burning takes the oxygen out of air and we breathe like we are
running a marathon. Our cars smell so bad we cant use the heater in
it and have to use heated seats. I taped my windows shut but it still
comes in. The Health Department doctor told us to leave our home
and also our family doctor – but where do you go at our age if you
cant sell your home?
My husband and I have a beautiful fruit orchard also that we are too
old to replace. This place was our heaven but was turned into a
hell by our neighbor and our county and state will do nothing. All we
can do is pray a lot. Thank you . Gary and Mable Bowling
10867 South 850 West, Saint Paul, Indiana 47272

Nancy Alderman, President
Environment and Human Health, Inc.
1191 Ridge Road
North Haven, CT 06473
(phone) 203-248-6582
(Fax) 203-288-7571

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