2012 Jan. 7: IN Butler & CT: Butler Indiana bans outdoor wood furnaces

2012 Jan. 7: IN Butler & CT: Butler Indiana bans outdoor wood furnaces

Until states regulate outdoor wood furnaces – the tedious business of each individual town having to pick up what should be their state’s responsibility — is the only way for people to get protection for their property and health.


Butler Indiana bans outdoor furnaces
By Jeff Jones jeffj@kpcnews.net
Thursday, January 05, 2012, 12:00am
BUTLER – The Butler City Council wasted no time wrapping up business left unfinished last month at the recommendation of two departing City Council members. With new members Ron Baker and Larry Moore on board for their first meeting, the council passed the final two readings of an ordinance to prohibit use of outdoor wood-burning stoves inside the city limits. Last month, the council made a change to Butler’s zoning code identifying the heaters, also known as outdoor hydronic heaters …
Nancy Alderman, President
Environment and Human Health, Inc.
1191 Ridge Road
North Haven, CT 06473
(phone) 203-248-6582
(Fax) 203-288-7571
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