2012 Jan. 2 to 8: WEEKLY RAWSEP: Pending U.S. States statewide OWB & wood stove legislation, State by State

2012 Jan. 2 to 8: WEEKLY RAWSEP: Pending U.S. States statewide OWB & wood stove legislation, State by State

All States:

2011 Dec. 22: PA Allegheny County: (A.C. Health Dept. ready to take comments): Allegheny County’s Proposed Outdoor Wood-Fired Boiler Rules

Affecting all states: SB 1914 (OWBs included: tell your senator no to OWB inclusion)

2011 Dec. 9: MN & WI: Contact NRDC and say No OWBs in Senate Bill 1914 “Cut Energy Bills at Home Act”!

Legal ruling of $50,000 damages to neighbor of wood burner in Canada may impact U.S. decisions

2011 Sept. 22: Canada, Ontario, Windsor: Burning up over nuisance smoke

AL – unknown

AK – PENDING Fairbanks wood stove regulation. See RAWSEP Brochure for AK. On Oct. 5 2010 voters voted yes by 60% (roughly 9,000 voted yes, 6,000 voted no and 78,000 residents of Fairbanks did not vote) on Proposition A which meant Fairbanks voters rejected home heating fines for wood smoke
Proposition A passage does not prevent PENDING Fairbanks wood stove regulation. Two quotes about passage of Propostion A by Fairbanks: “I’m concerned air quality is going to get worse,” Hopkins said. “That relates to health, the air people breathe, and the economy.” About the Fairbanks vote, one resident commented: We have one or two people with bad outdoor wood boilers periodically shutting down wood river elementary. The school nurse has recorded record numbers of complaints regarding breathing problems and eye problems whenever these boilers are fired up. How do we stop these people from hurting our children without having fines? I’d really like to hear the solution from everyone who voted “yes” on A. It is easy to say “Don’t fine me!” but hard to actually solve the problem.State, federal agencies consider intervening in Jan. 2011. Woodriver Elementary receives overhaul of ventilation system in attempt to deal with air pollution of outdoor wood boilers nearby in Feb. 2011. In March 2011 State Authorities cited an OWB owner near Woodriver Elementary. A petition calling for OWB bans with fines in Fairbanks led to a scheduling for a vote on Oct. 4, 2011. Prop. 2 regulating OWBs along with other sources of residential air pollution FAILED, with 40% voting yes and 60% voting NO. Days before the election, TIME magazine and Fairbanks’ daily newspaper the News-miner predicted that the Fairbanks City Council would address the issue if Prop. 2 failed..

2012 Jan. 6: AK Fairbanks: Fairbanks borough air quality is better than expected for 2011

CA – unknown, seasonal wood stove regulations in localities

2011 Jan. 8: CA San Francisco: Bay Area Air Pollution Worst in Years

2011 Jan. 7: CA: Record air pollution hammers Calif’s ag heartland

2012 Jan. 3: CA Santa Rosa: ‘Spare the Air’ day on Monday

2012 Jan. 7: CA Tracy & Mountain House: Bad air means continued burn ban

2012 Jan 6: CA San Francisco: Bay Area air quality worst in years this winter

2012 Jan. 3: CA Santa Rosa: No ‘Spare the Air’ day on Tuesday

2012 Jan. 3: CA Santa Rosa: ‘Spare the Air’ day on Monday

2012 Jan. 2: CA Bay Area: Love the Sun, Hate the Air Quality.

2012 Jan. 2: CA San Francisco Bay Area: 12th Spare the Air Alert

CO: unknown

CT -Number of municipalities with OWB bans in CT: 17. See RAWSEP Brochure for CT. KILLED IN COMMITTEE CT Senate Bill S.B. 126 statewide To add wood smoke to the public health nuisance list and to ban outdoor wood-burning. April 2011 CT Legislature Bill 830 has been promised to be modified enough to be acceptable to wood burning pollution opponents.

2012 Jan. 6: IN Saint Paul & CT: “This place was our heaven but was turned into a

2012 Jan. 7: IN Butler & CT: Butler Indiana bans outdoor wood furnaces

DE – unknown

FL – unknown

GA – unknown

HI – unknown

ID – unknown

2012 Jan. 6: ID Ada & Canyon Counties: Idaho DEQ issues yellow air quality alert for Friday

2012 Jan. 4: ID Ada & Canyon : Yellow air quality alert issued for Wednesday in Ada and Canyon …

IL – unknown

IN – See RAWSEP Brochure for IN Indiana. PENDING #05-332 statewide OWB regulations DRAFT #05-332 statewide OWB regulations (please public comment to STRENGTHEN BILL before FINAL passage ) You need to write, call, e-mail the Governor and IDEM (teasterly@idem.in.gov) as well as Dr. James Miner MD Chairman of the Air Board (Ent88@aol.com) and demand better for all Hoosiers. March 2 2011 board passed statewide OWB regulations, only implementing one of the three major suggestions of anti-woodsmoke-pollution-activists. On June 6, 2011 there will be a summit on Indiana’s Air Quality held in Indianapolis
IA – unknown
KS – unknown
KY – unknown
LA – unknown
ME – Some statewide regulations on OWBs (Phase II for new installations passed Jan. 2010), which are not stringent enough.
MD – unknown
MA – unknown, Industrial Biomass burning questioned
MI – unknown
MN – unknown
MS – unknown
MO – unknown
MT – unknown
NE – unknown
NV – unknown
NH – unknown
NJ – Statewide OWB regulations passed 2008
NM – unknown
NY – See RAWSEP Brochure for NY. NY DEC Regulations passed on new OWBs. You called or emailed your legislator in NY to oppose a new bill introduced by OWB lobbyists to delay implementation of statewide rules. On May 28, 2011 a NY judge issued an injunction to the NY DEC to enforce OWB regulations NOW. There will be a hearing on the ruling in June 2011.
NC – unknown
ND – unknown
OH – PENDING statwide OWB regulations 2010
OK – unknown
OR – unknown, seasonal wood stove regulations in localities
PA – IN EFFECT as of Oct. 2, 2010: 25 PA. Code CHS. 121 and 123 statewide OWB regulations
RI – 2011 April 6 RI State Senate version of OWB bill will be heard. Opponents of OWB pollution expected to testify. PENDING RI House of Reps. H7064 statewide OWB regulations 2010
SC – unknown
SD – unknown
TN – unknown
TX – unknown
UT – unknown
VT – PENDING statewide OWB regulations
VA – unknown
WA – statewide OWB ban, seasonal wood stove regulations in localities
WV – unknown
WI – See RAWSEP Brochure for WI. unknown
WY – unknown
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