2012 Jan. 8: MN Edina & Minneapolis: Stop Wood Smoke News Bytes (Quarterly Newsletter)

2012 Jan. 8: MN Edina & Minneapolis: Stop Wood Smoke News Bytes (Quarterly Newsletter)

Happy New Year! and welcome to “Stop Wood Smoke News Bytes!”

Our Mission

This quarterly newsletter by Take Back the Air offers “news bytes” to those who are concerned about wood smoke in the Minneapolis metro area and throughout the state. Our immediate goal is for at least one community to enact more restrictive wood burning ordinances, if not outright bans. One important interim goal is to encourage cities to prohibit wood burning in all public parks and public spaces, so that everyone, especially children and people with asthma, have better “access” to city streets, parks, sidewalks, playgrounds, bike trails and community events. This is the law under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Wood smoke is an actual physical “barrier” that prevents many people from using and enjoying public and private property.

We are making progress. As we move closer to this goal, it is paramount that we raise our voices together so that this effort will not fail. We hope these updates will encourage you to join us as an active member. We need people who can write opinion pieces to local newspapers or the Star Tribune (we can even write the letters if you are willing to sign your name) and we need people to lobby city council members and attend city council and other important meetings.

Together we can make a difference.

Recent Achievements

June 20, 2011: A Star Tribune Letter to the Editor entitled, “One person’s back-yard burn is others’ bane,” started a week-long conversation on the editorial page regarding the pros and cons of firepits. Two members of our group were able to have subsequent opinion pieces published. We are happy to report that the writer of this editorial is now an active member of Take Back the Air!

June 29, 2011: 1. Met with Bill Droessler of “Environmental Initiative.” 2. Attended an event sponsored by the American Lung Association. Many of our group were able to discuss the wood smoke issue with those in attendance.

October 17, 2011: Attended R.T. Rybak Open House at City Hall. Mayor Rybak informed us that the Council must have 7 votes before bills can be sent to him for consideration. This was the second meeting that our group has had with Mayor Rybak (an earlier meeting being in the Spring of the year). Since this meeting, activists have met with six Minneapolis City Council members. We will continue our lobbying efforts in 2012.

November, 2011: The city of Edina voted to convert two wood-burning fireplaces to natural gas at Centennial Lakes Park (located near Southdale).

December 21, 2011: Take Back the Air’s slide presentation, “Wood Smoke in Minneapolis,” was presented to the Minneapolis Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities.

Upcoming Opportunities

February 8, 2012: R.T. Rybak Open House. Contact woodsmokenewsbytes for more information.

Please Take Action: If you would like to join the conversation about wood smoke, you may post comments on the Edina City Manager’s Blog at:


If you would like to become more involved with our efforts and, therefore, would like to receive notifications to upcoming events, please notify us at woodsmokenewsbytes. Upon notification, your name will be moved to our “active participants” list.

To be removed from this newsletter, please notify us at woodsmokenewsbytes.

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