2012 Jan. 22: CT: What the other side is up to: forgreenheat.org

2012 Jan. 22 CT: What the other side is up to: forgreenheat.org

FYI — this report. We all should read it to know what the “other side is up to.” This is an interesting very strong and dangerous PR piece that has been put together. It should be said that it appears anyone they talked to they put their name on the report which gives the appearance that they have support across a multitude of agencies. Flip to the OWB and you will see they never say that the Voluntary Program is a big problem. Too the contrary their goal is to replace oil w/wood. As my Dept of Health contact has told me, the drumbeat in Congress is Wood is Good. That is what we are up against. This is definitely a report blessed by HPBA.
See the list of Acknowledgements. Notable on the list of people are:
Nancy Alderman – requested removal of her name. Thank you Nancy.
Trent Bauserman, Energy Policy Advisor to Senator Jeanne Shaheen of N.H. – we need to look up Shaheen and write to her
Dave Atkins, Program Leader, Wood Energy Initiative, USDA Forest Service —- a big adversary for us is the USDA Forest Service — need to write to them as well
Larry Brockman – EPA
Ellen Burkhard – NYSERDA
John Dupree – EPA
Jack Goldman – HPBA
Don Johnson – Westar — do you think he knows he is on this report given all his letters of protest to EPA
Rod Tinnemore – State of Washington Ecology
Gil Wood – EPA
I am going thru list to see who others are —-
Allison Buttel – Energy Market Anlayst – Think Energy — should look up and see if any of these people take us to other docs
Marc Caluwe – makes architectural indoor wood boilers — his site says EPA Voluntary approved — really— hmmm – dangerous. upcoming conference in NY in March. $199.
Want you all to know about this seminar.


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