2012 Jan. 22: NY Saratoga Springs: March 21 NE Biomass Heating Expo: Attn: Rebecca Symes

2012 Jan. 22: NY Saratoga Springs: March 21 NE Biomass Heating Expo: Attn: Rebecca Symes

Dear Ms. Symes:

See below link to video I received from Oak Grove, MN. This shows you what people are dealing w/in NY and many other states as a result of EPAs near 25 year loophole in the NSPS w/regard to wood boilers. For years people suffer with not one gov’t official stopping this assault on their health.

On March 21 – March 23, Senator Gillibrand has been invited to the NE Biomass Heating Expo 2012 in Saratoga Springs. Does she plan to go and speak?


There is a very well organized effort which is crossing over into the USDA Forestry to push to replace oil with wood heat. This is a slippery slope. As EPAs current regulations or lack thereof show this push by industry w/out strong regulation —including right sizing and real life test methods (not the current EPA Method 28 with kiln dried red oak) —- will leave the U.S. even more exposed to very serious increases in air pollutants. These pollutants include PM 2.5, VOCs, PAHs, and carcinogens. http://burningissues.org/pdfs/WoodSmokeTobaccoSmtablemira.pdf

I look forward to hearing from you on how Senator Gillibrand is going to ensure that there is balance in any new energy policy and how the gov’t is going to right the wrongs that are currently happening to people all over the Northeast and Midwest from existing wood boilers.
I know the drumbeat in Congress is that Wood is Good. There is plenty of evidence showing that Wood can just as easily be bad for breathing. All the studies going back to Naeher raise the issue of the dangers of wood smoke.
We cannot afford to ignore this and allow our Energy Policy to go forward w/blinders on. The Alliance for Green Heat has put out a report which I am sure will be used as a selling piece. It acknowledges people who are not condoning its message including Nancy Alderman of EHHI. She has requested her name be removed. Also on this report is Trent Bauserman. He is the Energy Policy Advisor to Senator Jeanne Shaheen of N.H. Let’s be sure the scientists that understand PM 2.5 are heard from and not just industry pushing for making money. Only the best technology should be used in the U.S. at this point given the studies on climate change and the impact of black soot on speeding the melting of the ice caps.
I do not mean to drown you in info. I want to be of help to Senator Gillibrand and to all of the children that count on us adults to protect their environment. Please let me know if this is helpful. Those suffering need help and if your office is not the right place, please let me know.
thank you,
Bonnie Lichak


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