2012 Feb. 22, 11:00 a.m.: CT Hartford: (LINK: CT Statewide Map of OWB complaints) RAWSEP View: Send in testimony to Jason.Bowsza@cga.ct.gov this evening, Feb. 21. Please come to testify at 11 a.m. at the Hartford Legislative Office Building on Wednesday

OWF Complaints Feb 2012 5 2.pdf

2012 Feb. 22, 11:00 a.m.: CT Hartford: (LINK: CT Statewide Map of OWB complaints) RAWSEP View: Send in testimony to Jason.Bowsza@cga.ct.govthis evening, Feb. 21. Please come to testify at 11 a.m. at the Hartford Legislative Office Building on Wednesday Feb. 22 on Connecticut Senate Bill Number 84 — An Act Concerning Outdoor Wood Furnaces (LEGAL TEXT attached).Feb. 21, 2012
Dear Readers of the RAWSEP Site:
RAWSEP content will be a little different than before. 80% of our content will be original, for those of you that seek discussion, historical perspective, and opinions about the scientific facts of wood smoke pollution caused by residents who use wood stoves, outdoor wood boilers and fireplaces. In April 2011 an attempt at a statewide bill against Outdoor Wood Boilers in Connecticut failed in committee. Tomorrow there will be another chance for those of you whose health is adversely affected by your neighbor’s wood smoke can speak on the subject to Connecticut Legislators who are considering SB 84. Please email Jason.Bowza@cga.ct.gov if you can’t attend the hearing tomorrow, but if you can, go to Hartford Connecticut’s Legislative Office Building at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow Feb. 22 and testify.

Thank you for making this journey toward the freedom to breathe with me,
The RAWSEP Editor
Nancy Alderman
Public Hearing tomorrow on Outdoor Wood Furnaces in CT
We have heard form some people that they cannot come to the hearing tomorrow due to work. If that is the case for some —-then please send in your testimony by e-mail to the clerk of the Environment Committee Jason Bowsza at — Jason.Bowsza@cga.ct.gov—- Also put in the subject line of the e-mail —— Bill No. 84 An Act Concerning Outdoor Wood Furnaces. Please understand – being there in person really makes a difference — but if you really cannot — please send in your testimony by this evening. Please make your voice heard – it is extremely important. Best, Nancy
Please come to the LOB in Hartford and testify on Senate Bill No. 84 — An Act Concerning Outdoor Wood Furnaces. The hearing will start at 11 AM in room 1C at the LOB tomorrow morning – Wednesday, February 22. The Bill addresses the restriction of burning OWFs. in the summer months. (See blue type in the Bill below) It is critically important that those who are effected be there.
Best, Nancy
Bonnie Lichak
FYI — CT is once again advancing Legislation on Outdoor Wood Boilers. Bill No. 84 has many of the same issues that all other States actions have had — not really addressing the issue or holding boilers (indoor and outdoor) to same standards as wood stoves. It would be very helpful if CT were able to pass Legislation as Washington State and Oregon have done. In that way the other impacted Northeast States and Mid-Western States might have the leadership to point to and do likewise in their States.I know many of you that I email may not agree that 30,000 – 40,000 OWBs and an unknown number of IWBs in NYS is an issue that demands your attention because you have never experienced what it is like to have your houses engulfed in smoke and the resulting health problems that creates, BUT I hope that by encouraging you to take action for all those that suffer that you will more fully understand the issue and move to protect the public health of those less fortunate than yourselves.

I believe I have sent to you all the map that CT has done mapping the locations of OWBs. On the map is 900+. CT has however encouraged those complaining to contact local health depts. so those working in CT are pretty certain the map is not all inclusive. It would be very helpful if DEC could take the lead and map the boilers in NY. To many public officials this issue is under the radar. We on the “OUTSIDE” cannot properly get a handle on the problem or assist people because DEC redacts the names of those that complain and each DEC Regional Office “handles” the matter in different ways.

We cannot afford to try and sweep wood smoke under the rug. Below are my short comments to CT. I hope that some of you will consider joining w/me in writing comments to CT. There is power in banding together. We all breathe the same air. Some of us are more directly impacted but the bottom line is the same. Increasing PM 2.5, VOCs, PAHs, and carcinogens from these sources is impacting all our air.

Have any of you had any luck in speaking to the AGs Office on the need for action? The black soot lawsuit seems to have been dismissed because the Judge did not want to set a timeline. The issue on wood boilers has been left out of the black soot conversation/lawsuits. The NSPS will NOT address the in place boilers. Section 111 of the Clean Air Act is certainly not the only Section. The same States need to join together on the fact that in 2005 they filed suit on this issue and we are now nearly 7 years out w/no resolution.

Thank you,
Bonnie Lichak


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Section 22a-174k of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective October 1, 2012):

(a) For purposes of this section, “outdoor wood-burning furnace” means an accessory structure or appliance designed to be located outside living space ordinarily used for human habitation and designed to transfer or provide heat, via liquid or other means, through the burning of wood or solid waste, for heating spaces other than where such structure or appliance is located, any other structure or appliance on the premises, or for heating domestic, swimming pool, hot tub or jacuzzi water. “Outdoor wood-burning furnace” does not include a fire pit, wood-fired barbecue or chiminea.

(b) No person shall, from July 8, 2005, to the effective date of regulations promulgated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to regulate outdoor wood-burning furnaces, construct, install, establish, modify, operate or use an outdoor wood-burning furnace, unless (1) the outdoor wood-burning furnace was constructed, installed, established, modified, operated or in use prior to July 8, 2005, or (2) the outdoor wood-burning furnace complies with the following:
(A) Installation of the outdoor wood-burning furnace is not less than two hundred feet from the nearest residence not serviced by the outdoor wood-burning furnace;

(B) Installation of the chimney of the outdoor wood-burning furnace is at a height that is more than the height of the roof peaks of the residences that are located within five hundred feet of the outdoor wood-burning furnace, which residences are not serviced by the outdoor wood-burning furnace, provided the chimney height is not more than fifty-five feet;
(C) No other materials are burned in the outdoor wood-burning furnace other than wood that has not been chemically treated; and
(D) Installation and operation of the outdoor wood-burning furnace is in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions, provided such instructions do not conflict with the provisions of this section.

(c) No person shall operate or use an outdoor wood-burning furnace during the period beginning May first and ending September thirtieth.

[(c)] (d)The provisions of this section shall be enforced by the Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection and may be enforced by the municipality affected by the operation or potential operation of an outdoor wood-burning furnace.
[(d)] (e)Any person who operates an outdoor wood-burning furnace in violation of this section shall be deemed to have committed an infraction and shall be fined not more than ninety dollars. Each day of operation of such outdoor wood-burning furnace in violation of this section shall be a separate violation.
This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:
Section 1
October 1, 2012
CT -Number of municipalities with OWB bans in CT: 17. See RAWSEP Brochure for CT. KILLED IN COMMITTEE CT Senate Bill S.B. 126 statewide To add wood smoke to the public health nuisance list and to ban outdoor wood-burning. April 2011 CT Legislature Bill 830 has been promised to be modified enough to be acceptable to wood burning pollution opponents.
2012 Feb. 5: CT: Yale professor addresses climate change policy
2012 Feb. 4: CT Danbury: Smoke signals warn of health risk
2012 Feb. 10: NJ Cape May (& CT): Another ban on OWFs –Cape May New Jersey
2012 Feb. 4: CT Danbury: OWF article – Smoke signals warn of health risk
2012 Feb. 1: CT Hartford: Outdoor wood furnaces again a legislative issue – Journal Inquirer
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