2012 March 2: Must Read: “Republicans For Environmental Protection Join Moms Clean Air Force”

O.k., the group name, “Republicans for Environmental Protection,” is a mindbender! So, I had to check them out: http://www.rep.org/

At the top of its Web site is a quote from Ronald Reagan: “Many laws protecting environmental quality have promoted liberty by security property against the destructive trespass of pollution.”

Well, if that doesn’t summarize what we’ve been trying to achieve with OWB/F/IWB laws, nothing does!

Let’s challenge this organization to live up to its mission and get involved with protecting our property rights from OWB/IWB/OWF pollution! Somehow I just don’t think they’ll see our property rights for smoke-free air as important as the “rights” of the wood burners to put their smoke on our property. But, it would be interesting to hear their response.

.Must Read: “Republicans For Environmental Protection Join Moms Clean Air Force”


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As you know, Moms Clean Air Force believes in being nonpartisan. Just like it takes two wings to take to the air and fly, it will take both Republicans and Democrats to give lift-off to strong clean air regulations.

So we are especially delighted to introduce you to the newest members of our Leadership Circle, Tina Beattie and Rob Sisson—yes, a dad! Rob is the President of a national organization called Republicans for Environmental Protection, and Tina is the Board Chair. She writes about how easy it was to name her new baby compared to the need to rename their organization.

Read her post, share it with your friends, and join me in welcoming them to Moms Clean Air Force.

Republicans For Environmental Protection Join Moms Clean Air Force by Tina Beattie

Naming our new, sweet 8-week-old daughter was quite a process. Unlike choosing a name for our 3 year old, whose name met with immediate approval from the family, after choosing the name, Keaton family members would send random e-mail lists of names just as a suggestion. Some complained it was a boys name, others felt it was hard to pronounce, and most importantly what would her nickname be? But, as most parents can relate, once a name was chosen no other name would do. You pick a name that sounds right…Click here to read more.

All The Best,

Dominique Browning
Co-Founder and Senior Director, Moms Clean Air Force

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