2012 March 1 to 18: RAWSEP WEEKLY Wood burning news

2012 March 1 to 18: Wood burning news
2012 March 18: OR Portland: (wood smoke pollution mentioned) Esco pollution lights a fire under Northwest Portland neighbors
Risk from wood stoves, fireplaces and fire pits was worst in outlying areas and such as regulations over smog and particulates, that should bring down

2012 March 17: WA Klamath County: Indoor wood burning restrictions end
Herald and News
Beginning today, people in Klamath County may use indoor woodburning average of less than 35 micrograms per cubic meter of the fine particulate pm 2.5,

2012 March 16: NC Buncombe County: Air quality alert: WNC air deemed unhealthy for sensitive groups
Mountain Xpress
By Jeff Fobes on 03/15/2012 09:15 AM UPDATE: As of 5 pm the alert has been rescinded. “Our hourly fine particulate pollution monitor in Buncombe County is

2012 March 16: Canada, British Columbia, Campbell River: Campbell River’s wood stove exchange program returns
Campbell River Mirror
“While we are pleased to see that levels of fine particulate matter are Wood burning is at the heart of the Canadian identity,” says Peter Woods,

2012 March 8: CA Fresno: (Wood burning) Earth Log: Final thoughts on a dirty, ugly winter
Fresno Bee
By Mark Grossi – The Fresno Bee Woodburning bans ended last week after one of the particles of pollution, like the ones coming out of fireplaces.

2012 March 8: MT Mining City: Phone Survey To Better Understand Wood Burning In Mining City
NBC Montana
The health department is asking residents to complete a phone survey about wood burning. Smoke from wood burning is filled with small particles and current

2012 March 7: CA San Luis Obispo: (particulates) High winds prompt poor air quality alert in Santa Maria
KSBY San Luis Obispo News
When the wind up often the air quality goes down, this is due to higher particulate levels. Dust, pollen, sand and basically anything small enough to blow

2012 March 7: AK Seward: (wood smoke mentioned) Coal dust no problem in Seward, despite local worries
Alaska Dispatch
Air quality monitors record the particulate matter (PM10) in the air every 24 the sources of those particulates, which come in many forms — wood smoke,

2012 March 6: MA Boston: Archives of Internal Medicine: (paricles from the burning of wood) BAD AIR = BAD HEALTH: Study links exposure to ambient fine
The particles, known as PM2.5, came from a variety of sources including power plants, factories, trucks and automobiles, and the burning of wood.

2012 March 6: AZ Yuma: (wood burning discouraged) Dusty winds due Tuesday, Wednesday
Yuma Sun
using leaf blowers and burning wood in fireplaces, stoves, chimneys and outdoor fire pits. PM-10 is extremely small solid particles and liquid droplets
2012 March 6: (wood burning discouraged) HIGH POLLUTION ADVISORY MARCH 6
March 6 for PM-10, or particulate matter 10-microns or less in size. Eliminate wood burning in fireplaces, stoves, chimineas and outdoor fire pits.

2012 March 5: CA Los Angeles: EarthTalk: Has LA’s smog problem really gotten better?
haze of ground-level ozone and particulate pollution that can aggravate asthma have also helped reduce ozone alert days in California and elsewhere.

2012 March 5: CA San Francisco Bay Area: Spare the Air Alerts Reach an All Time High
It is illegal to burn wood and other solid fuels on Jan. contains particulates and carbon monoxide and is linked to respiratory illnesses such as asthma

2012 March 5: CA San Francisco Bay Area: Record Number of Spare the Air Alerts this Winter
The Bay Citizen
Wood smoke, the single largest source of winter air pollution in the Bay Area, contains particulates and carbon monoxide and is linked to respiratory

2012 March 2: CA Marin County: Marin again leads Bay Area in winter wood smoke complaints
Marin Independent-Journal
of complaints received regarding wood smoke on “Spare the Air” winter days, likely that smoke will hang in the air and cause particulate pollution,
2012 March 2: CA Santa Rosa: County residents get 108 ‘Spare the Air’ warnings
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
The agency said that wood smoke is the largest source of Bay Area wintertime air pollution and contains carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

2012 March 2: CA Napa Valley: Winter ‘Spare the Air’ season ends
Napa Valley Register
Particulate matter is a dangerous air pollutant that is linked to respiratory stoves and outdoor fire pits when air quality is forecast to be unhealthy.

2012 March 1: Myanmar & Thailand, Bangkok: Myanmar bushfires spread into the North
Bangkok Post
Authorities, including border patrol police, were told to stay alert around The haze, made up of particulate matters less than 10 micrometres (PM10) in

2012 March 1: CA Merced: Season of restricted fireplace use ends
Merced Sun-Star
Check Before You Burn runs from November through February each year and restricts woodburning is the largest single source of fine particulate matter,
2012 March 1: CA Bakersfield: Check Before You Burn Ends 9th Season
29 with an unusually high number of woodburning curtailment days because of in order to prevent the build-up of fine-particulate matter (PM2.5).
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