2012 Aug. 2; UT: Utah Proposes Ban on OWBs!

2012 Aug. 2: UT: Utah Proposes Ban on OWBs!

We need this rule in every state! Send this to your state environmental regulatory agencies and tell them to implement the same proposed rule. They have the statutory authority to do this without a legislative sponsor. But, also ask them to include indoor wood boilers. This is becoming common for people to switch from OWBs to IWBs. But, at least get the OWBs!

The real key with existing OWBs is this wording: “operate the boiler in accordance with manufacturer specifications, and to limit visible emissions to 20% opacity.”

Gil Wood stated that OWBs should not smoke when operated according to manufacturer’s instructions. We all heard him say that in February’s Webcast, and he followed up in writing to confirm that statement. So, if you see smoke, the OWB isn’t being operated according to manufacturer specifications. It’s the only thing that works that I’ve found so far.

This is really good news.

Environmental Quality, Air Quality

Rule R307-208

Outdoor Wood Boiler Prohibition

Notice of Proposed Rule

(New Rule)

DAR File No.: 36481
Filed: 07/11/2012 05:16:44 PM


Purpose of the rule or reason for the change:

The purpose of this rule is to prohibit future sales of outdoor wood boilers to help the state attain the PM2.5 National Ambient Air Quality Standard and to minimize the emissions of PM2.5 from existing outdoor wood boilers.

Summary of the rule or change:

This rule prohibits any person from selling, offering for sale, supplying, installing, purchasing, or transferring an outdoor wood boiler beginning 09/01/2013. It also requires current operators and owners to register their outdoor wood boiler with the director of the Division of Air Quality (DAQ) or local health district office, to operate the boiler in accordance with manufacturer specifications, and to limit visible emissions to 20% opacity.


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