2012 Nov. 9: WA: Jay Inslee is Governor of Washington State

2012 Nov. 9: WA: Jay Inslee is Governor of Washington State

Inslee co-authored Apollo’s Fire: Igniting America’s Clean Energy Economy, in which he argues that through improved Federal policies the United States can wean itself off of its dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuel, create millions of Green-collar worker jobs, and stop global warming. Along these lines, he has been a prominent supporter of the Apollo Alliance.[27]

Inslee strongly believes the Environmental Protection Agency should remain authorized to regulate green house gas emissions. In a 2011 House hearing, Inslee said Republicans have “an allergy to science and scientists,” during a discussion of whether the Regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act should remain in place following a controversial court finding on the issue.[28]

Inslee had steadily held a 51 percent advantage in the race as ballots were counted this week.
Inslee had touted his plans to spur job growth by investing in clean energy and other specific sectors.

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