2013 Jan.: Wood Smoke Activist Newsletter

Some of the previous issues can be found on my web site:  http://WoodBurnerSmoke.net
Attached is the January issue of the Wood Smoke Activist newsletter.

I hope that you will find it informative and helpful in your quest to obtain clean air to breathe in your home and outdoors.

If your home/city has not created bylaws to protect you and your family from invasive wood smoke that is creating a health & environmental problem in your area please send me the name of the town/city if you wish to have them nominated as the Bozo of the month.

Many of you have approached your council members and Building Inspectors about the issue and it would be interesting to perhaps include, in future newsletters, the responses you received. Please write up a short article detailing the results if you would like to have it written in the newsletter. You can chose to add your name or not but let’s get these do-little’s names out there for all to see. Maybe next election will see them out on their keesters J

Please pass this newsletter on to others who may be interested in receiving it and, as always, to be removed from this newsletter simply email me your request.


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