2013 Jan. 17: OWF Phase II “partnership agreement” language from EPA & NESCAUm

To all on our wood smoke email list,
Below are comments from a knowledgeable person on EPA’s Phase ll outdoor wood furnaces’ “partnership Agreement.”
First — Most OWB manufacturers continue to make misleading and false claims.
Secondly – What about EPA’s OWFs testing method and the efficiency claims?  As you know, EPA published the following disclaimer on efficiencies at EPA OWFs Qualified List: http://www.epa.gov/burnwise/owhhlist.html, which states:“Please Note Energy efficiency numbers that have been calculated using the current test procedure are generating numbers that do not represent actual efficiencies. As such, we have taken down the efficiency column from this web site. Please bear with us while we review this issue.”
If Phase II agreement is based on units meeting these efficiency standards,  why does EPA continue to endorse these products that it cannot prove have met the agreement requirements?  And then there’s the nuisance provision requirement for all Phase II owner’s manual (see page 46 and 47):
“Improper use or failure to maintain the hydronic heater may cause nuisance conditions. The person(s) operating a hydronic heater is/are responsible for operation in a manner that does not create a public or private nuisance condition. Meeting the distance and stack height recommendations from the manufacturer and requirements in applicable State and local regulations may not always be adequate to prevent nuisance conditions in some areas due to terrain or other factors.” )
Gil Wood of EPA and Lisa Rector  of NESCAUM made sure that the language was part of the agreement.
Nancy Alderman, President Environment and Human Health, Inc. 1191 Ridge Road North Haven, CT   06473 (phone) 203-248-6582 (Fax)     203-288-7571 http://www.ehhi.org http://ehhijournal.org

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