2013 Jan. 22: 350.org: go to Washington DC on Feb. 17

Dear Friends,

Here’s what President Obama said about climate change during his address today:

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With words like that, it’s easy to let ourselves dream that something major might be about to happen to fix the biggest problem the world has ever faced.

But we know that even if the President is sincere in every syllable, he’s going to need lots of backup to help him get his point across in a city dominated by fossil fuel interests. And, given the record of the last four years, we know that too often rhetoric has yielded little in the way of results.

That’s why we need you — very badly — to take a trip to our nation’s capital on Feb. 17. We’ll gather on the National Mall, in what is shaping up to be be the largest environmental rally in many years.

Click here to join us in DC: act.350.org/signup/presidentsday

Together we’ll send the message loud and clear: ‘If you’re serious about protecting future generations from climate change, stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. If you can do that, Mr. President, we can all work together to help build a climate legacy that will be a credit to your critical eight years in office.’

Look — numbers count. If 20,000 of us show up on February 17th, it will be noticed. We need you in that number. The President may have given us an opening, but it’s up to us to go through it, and we need to do it together.

Thanks for all you’ve done to bring us this far, friends. Let’s keep it up — this is our chance.


P.S. – One more thing — could you take a moment to forward this email on to your personal network? A lot of people will be hearing about the speech today, and it’s important that everyone know there is a big effort under way to hold the President to these words.

350.org is building a global movement to solve the climate crisis. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for email alerts. You can help power our work by getting involved locally, sharing your story, and donating here.

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