2013 Feb 22: Letter to President Obama at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact about Wood Smoke Pollution

below is a copy of a letter that I sent to President Obama today at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact then click on “submit your questions or comments here”
It would be great if American Lung’s Michael Seilback could post or email something like this to all their contacts, so that people would have an easy way to contact the President and their elected representatives on this issue.
Dear President Obama,
As you and Vice President Biden strive to achieve stricter gun control legislation so that incidents like Newtown, CT are not repeated, I would like to point out that America’s schoolchildren face another threat. That threat is wood smoke! The following reference links to an article describing how school children in Fairbanks, Alaska are exposed to dangerous wood smoke on a daily basis.
This is an issue you can quickly resolve without having to battle Congress. Please appoint a new EPA Administrator who is committed to clean air for all Americans. Particularly an individual who is willing to clean up the years of mess, created by past EPA personnel who looked the other way when it came to the issue of wood boilers. Wood boilers are more dangerous that guns. They are silent killers that emit high levels of particulate matter that once inhaled are not expelled by the lungs. Particulate matter aggravates asthma in young children and COPD in older adults. Exposure to wood smoke is worse for your health than cigarette smoking. If you want your Health Care bill for Americans to be successful, then you need to limit Americans’ exposure to wood smoke. The first step to clean health is to breathe clean air.
Please appoint an EPA Administrator who will put in place stricter emissions standards for wood boilers, like those developed by the State of Washington.
Gary Mastroeni
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