2013 Feb 25: File a complaint about an OWB or OWF at www.SaferProducts.gov


I registered and filed a report on my neighbors indoor wood boiler (Hrdronic Wood Furnace) at the is site this weekend. ( Safer Products.gov) In the report I attached a picture of the smoke. I claimed and entered all of my family as victims. I did  know the name and model of his boiler. Harmon SF 160.  But some of the info i did not know like the Ser# and other info I left blank but they took the report. Here is what i wrote for a description—



This wood boiler is installed in my neighbor


s house. Oct 2010. It smokes so bad that it is

affecting our indoor and outdoor air quality. The wood smoke is heavy laden with PM 2.5 which

is a documented health hazard. This hazardous smoke is a common result of using a Hydronic

wood furnace. These types of appliances (indoor and outdoor boilers) need to be banned from

the public use. The EPA has been allowing them with the promises from manufactures reducing

the pollution. It


s been 5 years with over 500,000 units sold of this type by various manufactures.

Just look at Fairbanks, Alaska!!! Kick the EPA out of bed with the manufacturers of these deadly

appliances by banning their use! . I would encourage everyone and anyone who is being harmed by wood boilers to file a report! Please pass it on!  Here is the link. www.SaferProducts.gov

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