2013 March 16: UT: Utah upholds its Outdoor Wood Furnace regulations – a clear win

Utah upholds its new Outdoor Wood Furnace Regulations – A clear win‏

Nancy Alderman (nancy.alderman@yale.edu)Add to contacts 3/16/13

Utah upholds its new regulations on outdoor wood furnaces


“Once the misinformation was known among key legislators in the Senate, Noel’s HB394 was squelched on the last day of the session.”

A last minute attempt by a manufacturer to derail new outdoor boiler regulations in Utah failed. The State’s Air Quality Board passed regulations that allow the installation of EPA qualified outdoor boilers in rural counties but ban them in populated counties that do not meet federal air quality standards. The regulations will take effect this spring.

This makes Utah the latest in a string of states to regulate the outdoor wood boiler, the most polluting residential wood heating technology on the market. Utah went further than most states, banning their installation in areas that already have poor air quality and where about 2 million out of Utah’s 2.8 million population lives.

Utah is now the only state to adopt an installation ban on outdoor wood boilers in much of the state, but still allow their use in rural areas. Washington and Oregon have restrictions that effectively banned outdoor boilers in the entire state. Other states only regulate where they can be installed through property line setbacks.

The regulations also require a 1,000 feet setback from a school, day care center or hospital, which may be the strictest such clause in the country. The maps below show the correlation between population density and the non-attainment areas in Utah.

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One Response to 2013 March 16: UT: Utah upholds its Outdoor Wood Furnace regulations – a clear win

  1. cleanairtas says:

    Well done everybody involved! This is wonderful news.
    I nearly said bring out the cigars! grin.

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