2013 Sept. 27: Link to PBS show Insight with Susan Arbeiter about Wood Boilers

Below is link to PBS show, Insight,  on the harm to families from wood boilers with  Susan Arbetter.  It aired on Friday night and will reair today at noon  on stations in Central NY.
I hope you can watch the show and forward this link to people you know around NYS. We want people to watch the show, read the back story,  visit our website www.careny.org and then consider sending a letter to public officials — either our form letter or your personal letter.
Clean Air Rights for Everyone of NY  would like to thank Susan Arbetter for her excellent Insight Show covering the issue of wood boilers.  CARE NY hopes this show and the actions taken by NYers in writing and speaking out on the issue will spur Legislative action in NY to close the EPA loophole.  The EPA loophole has left wood boilers unregulated (or in some states, including NY, poorly and partially regulated) —in other words the nightmare some  have lived could happen to you or people you know, maybe it has already?
Simply stated CARE NY wants NYS to hold wood boilers to the same standard that new wood stoves have been held to for over 20 years.  NY needs emission standard legislation as the States of Washington and Oregon have.  Laws should be clear and easily enforced to protect the consumer and public health.  Right now NY does NOT have that.
 NY also needs to take action with buy back programs since they told manufacturers their boilers did not meet NYs common nuisance standard in 2003 in a letter written by the NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC).  Unfortunately for consumers and neighbors no government official took action in NYS to stop the sales.
NY DEC is in charge of Air regulations and enforcement in our State.  The current DEC Commissioner was sued in 2011 because despite that 2003 DEC letter to manufacturers the Commissioner took action to not only allow sales of boilers in NY  by doing nothing but to actually explicitly allow the sales.  This action would have taken away any enforcement tool DEC had under the common nuisance standard regulation.   It took a lawsuit to stop the DEC Commissioner from harming additional families with his administrative actions.  The Judge stopped the DEC Commissioner.  Sadly the NY AG’s Office  who issued the report in 2005 and 2008 (w/Governor Cuomo’s name on the 2008  version when he was AG) titled Smoke Gets in Your Lungs  had to defend the DEC Commissioner in court.  Right hand/left hand seemingly not on the same body.
 The NY AG has now filed  a  Notice of Intent to Sue the EPA for failure to regulate boilers but that does not explain NYs own failure to put in place health protective legislation nor does it stop the on going assault on NY families.  DEC could enforce old existing laws (the common nuisance standard — DEC Part 211) but they do not do so consistently.  In fact DEC has passed a regulation which leaves another loophole by not regulating indoor wood boilers.  The NY DEC regulation known as Part 247 used wrong test methods advanced by EPA– Method 28 which uses kiln dried red oak stacked in a tepee—not real world testing so bogus data equals bogus certification of boilers under Part 247.  This is an on going nightmare for families in NY.   Wrong test methods means emissions that still far exceed that allowed by the 1980s EPA standards for wood stoves.  The Alaska AG just sued and shut down a boiler make and model that NY DEC Part 247 allows for sale in NY.  DEC knows that and yet they remain w/their feet firmly in the sand.
In NY you can’t smoke a cigarette on a public playground —really that is  a LAW in NY—-but you can be smoked out of your own home and yard by wood boilers that emit many of the same carcinogens as a cigarette.  You could leave a public playground w/your child but you can’t just up leave your home.  Who can you sell your home to and not disclose the nightmare you have been exposed to by your government and that of unscrupulous manufacturers?   Some people use these boilers as personal incinerators burning all their garbage including diapers and plastics.  How can that be happening, but it is?  The cancer exposure from wood smoke is serious and deadly. Here is the link to chemicals in wood smoke:
After all these years of trying to get NY government to protect public health, CARE NY  hopes Susan Arbetter’s  Insight show will help the public and public officials  to all understand why we have fought this issue for all NYers.  Everyone should have the right to breathe clean air.
If people don’t stand up and speak out government will remain intractable.  Please watch the show if you haven’t already and  seriously consider writing a letter to the DEC Commissioner with a copy to your State Legislators about the need for NY to pass Emission Standard Legislation holding wood boilers to the SAME emissions standards as wood STOVES as the States of Washington and Oregon have done.  No family in NY deserves to have their home and life destroyed by unscrupulous manufacturers.
We need an avalanche of letters to NY DEC Commissioner Martens, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233      
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