2013 Sept. 27: PBS Show Insight with Susan Arbeiter on Wood Boilers, letter template to NY state legislators





Mr. Joseph Martens, DEC Commissioner

NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

625 Broadway

Albany, NY 12233


Dear Commissioner Martens:


RE: Emission Standard Legislation and Enforcement of Existing Regulations


I recently watched the PBS show Insight with Susan Arbetter on the issue of wood boilers in New York State.  I am requesting that for the health of all New Yorkers you do the following:


  1. Advance Emission Standard Legislation with the NYS Legislature and ensure its passage.


This Legislation should follow the Legislation that the States of Washington and Oregon passed years ago requiring that wood boilers be held to the same emissions standards as wood stoves.


  1. Request that NYSERDA set up a buy-back program.  The purpose of this is two-fold.  First so that existing boilers can be retired so clean air can be returned to NYers. Second so those families that purchased these boilers which DEC advised manufacturers did not meet NY laws in 2003 can regain some of their investment.


Alternatively we request that monies obtained thru the Regional Green House Gas Initiative be used for this buy-back program.


  1. Request that the NY Attorney General’s Office sue the EPA for its failure to promulgate New Source Performance Standards in over 17 years, their misleading of the public and States with their Voluntary Program and to reimburse NYS for the expense of the buy- back program.








Cc: NYS Assembly

       NYS Senate

       Town Supervisor

       County Health Dept. Director

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