2013 Dec. 24: EPA violations report form (for wood smoke complaint report)

Below is a link to an EPA website to file a notice of environmental violations.  Can you  post a link to this on your website encouraging everyone with a hydronic heater complaint to file with the EPA.  This will get us more on the radar.
Suggested Post:

FILE HYDRONIC HEATER COMPLAINTS WITH EPA – detail pollution, health impacts, and State and Local Agency action or lack thereof impacting your family

Link to EPA Form:

Key parts to form  and example of information to include:
Characterized incident as:Intent:         Intentional

Type:           Release

Media:         Air

Entity:          Individual


Description of incident or hazard:  High amounts of PM 2.5, PAHs,  and VOC’s from a hydronic wood furnace located at _______________. (Briefly detail actions of any public agencies contacted in your State. )This is affecting (detail your household —- a family with young children, elderly or other family members with existing or new health issues and detail any visits to doctors or medications issued as a result of the ground level pollution).   Our State agency or EPA  should enforce the Clean Air Act. We are reviewing our options to include the FBI as to why there is no enforcement or relief for our family. This is criminal!


Specific Directions:  Hydronic heater is located at ___________________.

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