2014 Jan. 1: Wood Smoke Activist Newsletter Jan. 2014

2014 Jan. 1: Wood Smoke Activist Newsletter Jan. 2014


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3 Responses to 2014 Jan. 1: Wood Smoke Activist Newsletter Jan. 2014

  1. Ernest Grolimund says:

    FBI starting initial investigation into wood smoke crimes, threats to safety. Boston agent expressed great concern. Referred me to Maine. Augusta Maine agent very interested. Starting the procees by referring up chain of command. 1 hr meeting went well. Stressed priority crimes, money. Homocide, criminal negligence by governments. All levels. All wood burning equipment companies. 8 to 1 return on enforcement costs per Whitehouse CEQ. Next big threat to safety. Much money to be made. Much costs to be saved and damages to collect. Econ multipliers of 2-3. Complex white collar crime with engineering fraud and negligence as explained by me, an engineer by education and DEP whistleblower. Insider. Reports, writings. Pictures. Detail. BI, Rawsep, other websites cited. Mdeling, monitoring. Visibility maps of country with 10 mile visibility converted to 43 mcg/m3 pm2.5 over large areas. 50% wood smoke pm2.5. Dose is 480 mcg/m3,hr. Safe dose is 180 mcg/m3,hr.

    Call FBI in your area and in Augusta ME. I search Augusta ME FBI. I paved the way. They can pave way for you in your state.

    Ernest Grolimund, ME

  2. Ernest Grolimund says:

    A Whitehouse OMB Natural Resources Advisor was contacted by phone about wood smoke pollution. We talked for about 1/2 hour on pellet stove pm combined with background wood smoke pm exceeding the new safe dose for wood smoke pm. Boilers are worse of course. Just background pm exceeds to safe dose for wood smoke pm. National visibility maps showing pm in the 35 to 50 mcg/m3 pm2.5 range with the NAAQS std at 35 mcg/m3. Visibility can be converted to pm2.5 on days when the humidity is below about 85%. Gave links. He had never heard much of what I said, so he asked me to email him which I did. He responded that he might want to talk to me again after he digested the links and my brief emails.

    The OMB is above the EPA and CEQ and they tell the EPA what to do. Therefor I had to contact them and inform them of the bad OMB policy causing houses and cities to be engulfed in air pollution mainly from wood smoke at present. The policy prevents the EPA from regulating small sources of energy like owbs, iwb’s, stoves and fireplaces. Since the NSPS stds have to be reviewed every 8 years, the policy is obviously bad and needs to be changed. He seemed to understand that. He also seemed to understand that the new NSPS stds were unsafe per EPA, DHHS Wildfire Smoke guidelines. Const rights to life and safety were discussed requiring recognition of the new safe dose. The constitution is the highest law and has priority over the NAAQS pm std that the NSPS std apparently was designed to meet given EPA monitoring design levels.

    The OMB cut funds for the wood smoke study that Linda Karr and I got scheduled with the EPA and ATSDR.

    I am safe for the moment despite 2 neighbors with pellet stoves and one of them deliberately smoking me out with some type of stove. IQ Air Co air cleaners worked great in the bedroom and living room and kept us safe. The smoke was like owb smoke. Since the police would do nothing I blew some snow on a neighbors kids ice rink with previous allowances to do so. They called the police and somehow the really dangerous smoke stopped after discussions leaving me with just regular pellet stove smoke that you can smell after 3 months from creosote buildup. That too is dangerous but no where near what RAWSEP members are experiencing from boilers.

    I thank you for staying in the fight and I visit this website every once in a while.

  3. Ernest Grolimund says:

    Atty Placitella wants injured by wood smoke to call at 732-747-9003. Company name needed. Within 2 yr statute of limitations. Doctors letter desired. No fee. National class action. 1 company at a time is the idea. First come first served perhaps. OWB action is most likely but iwb, stove company Ok. I want stoves since most of the burning is with stoves.

    Linda’s iwb story is compelling though. I just want someone to get the ball rolling. He says when he wins against one company others will take on more and more companies.

    Ernie Grolimund, Waterville ME

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