RAWSEP Residents Against Wood Smoke Emission Particulates

Report a possible violation to the EPA


We are trying to find a new link to the following page: 2010 Oct. 25: IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI: (LINK) EPA woodsmoke complaint form Region 5

2010 Oct. 18: WEEKLY RAWSEP: Weekly Rawsep has  links to articles.  You can also search for articles by your state or any other term using the Handy Search Box.  You can now search on Categories (box on lower right of blog page) of individual states on the woodsmokehaz1, woodsmokehaz2, woodsmokehaz3 or woodsmokehaz4 to get weekly state lists yourself.   You are encouraged to search on states other than your own to see precedents in other states such as AK, CT, IN, NY, WI, NJ, OH, RI, WA, and PA.  At https://rawsep.wordpress.com USE THE SEARCH BOX to find WEEKLY RAWSEP, just type in “WEEKLY RAWSEP” (there are also links to March 8 to Sept. 26, 2010 RAWSEP WEEKLYs at bottom of this About page)

2010 Oct. 2: AK, CT, IN, NY, WI: RAWSEP Brochures updated as of Oct. 2, 2010 when Pennsylvania Statewide OWB Law took effect

RAWSEPBrochure1 -Alaska-Fairbanks.pdf

RAWSEPBrochure1 – CT Connecticut.pdf

RAWSEPBrochure1 – IN Indiana.pdf

RAWSEPBrochure1 – NY New York.pdf

RAWSEPBrochure1 – WI Wisconsin.pdf

RAWSEP Residents Against Wood Smoke Emission Particulates LINKS

All RAWSEP sites are now on WordPress (Microsoft Live websites are gone but you can always find us just by typing “RAWSEP”)

https://rawsep.wordpress.com Political Action Site, with Categories to search on including Scientific Articles, Comments, RAWSEP View, Weekly RAWSEP and RAWSEP Brochures (Brochures now available for Connecticut, Indiana, New York and Wisconsin; soon available for Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island) and EPA and U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, etc…

http://woodsmokeworld1.wordpress.com International Site, with Categories of Africa, Asia, Australia, etc… and Canada divided by Province

http://woodsmokehaz1.wordpress.com U.S. States with Categories of States from A to Indiana

http://woodsmokehaz2.wordpress.com U.S. States with Categories of States from Iowa to Nevada

http://woodsmokehaz3.wordpress.com U.S. States with Categories of States from New Hampshire to Tennessee

http://woodsmokehaz4.wordpress.com U.S. States with Categories of States from Texas to Wyoming

http://woodsmokenuisance.wordpress.com Archive site for all states of U.S. from 2008 to April 2010
http://woodgasification.wordpress.com Archive site for Wisconsin from 2008 to April 2010

2010 March 8 to Sept. 26: WEEKLY RAWSEPPosted on July 25, 2010 by woodsmokeworld1


7 Responses to About

  1. Mark Doerrier says:

    Thanks for such a great resource.
    I have asthma that started to get bad after 9-11.
    I live in the suburbs of NYC in Dutchess County.
    A neighbor burns an OWB everyday for the past few years.
    My town claims that they cannot do anything but follow the DEC guidelines.
    I beg to differ.
    I have been in the TV industry for many years and here is a link to a video I made:

    Thank you for your resource.

  2. Clive Stott says:

    Lots of great information.
    Thank you for the site 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    I am also an Advocate against wood burning especially in these horrific beasts of a machines OWB. Please contact me as soon as you are able. The more we all connect the stronger we will become. Thank you for your site and added imput. I look forward to sharing your important site on my Facebook Group page. Please stop over and take part there too. You may reach me here also on Facebook. NH Advocacy Against Outdoor Wood Boilers. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/229386920468557/
    Thanks for your hard work and research.
    Karen Nardella
    Ossipee, NH

  4. Karen says:

    I want to know more about the brochues, the banning process and how I can move on that here in NH ASAP. Thank you. Karen Nardella

  5. EDF, NSPS stds for wood heaters letter prepared. E mailed me looking for groups to sign on. Have big groups like Am Lung but asked me to network to you and other groups. Can’t copy and paste letter. Here is synopsis:

    Millions in health and environmental groups working with us request NSPS review overdue for decades. Request NAAQS stds be met, not just BACT. Equipment that meets NAAQS at houses is available. OWB, IWB, stoves, fireplaces should be adressed with other equipment. Wood smoke is a large part of national and states pm apportionment and NAAQS is not being met in many locations. Wood smoke is also causing regional pm NAAQS violations. PM, CO, PAH, VOC, dioxin levels should be checked not just pm2.5.

    Groups can contact: hilary@redmtngroup.com .
    Please network. May not be perfect but is a step in the right direction and EDF is the only group with the numbers of supporters and legal firepower to get action.


  6. New Hampshire Mobile Air Monitoring shows wood smoke pm in cities.

    Good study. Mapping of routes all over state. Keene and nearby city have 30 sec pm values from 40 mcg/m3 to 600 mcg/m3. I averaged all values for Keene and got 100 mcg/m3 for a 1 hr peak pm conc. When I assume a low conc of 20 mcg/m3 from typical curves, I can estimate roughly that the 24 hr pm2.5 conc is about 60 mcg/m3 which informally would violate the NAAQS for that one day. This does not mean formal NAQQS violations which require 3 years of data from fixed monitors. But it is evidence that checks the NYSERDA study in New York showing design pm in woodburning cities is 50 mcg/m3, 25 mcg/m3 from wood smoke, 25 mcg/m3 from oil and gas combustion. NY and NH are with holding saying they are finding NAQQs violations but their studies are pointing in that direction.

    This and other information about wood smoke that I submitted to the EPA OIG in Nov, 2012 is leading them to do more studies on this wood smoke problem in their Program Evaluation Dept. with an eye towards action. In the past, they verbally said that they are going to give the EPA Air Bureau 2 years to make the entre air monitoring system work again because mobile monitoring like this is showing the whole system is failing for wood smoke that is not uniform in distribution.

    The OIG has noticed my involvement with RAWSEP and EDF and other groups and the involvement of all the activists !!! It shows we are finally starting to get some action. It is slow in coming but it is something. So I suggest others write about the big picture. Individual problems are ignored. When millions are affected they notice. When engineers in the EPA and state reg agencies start showing hard data that the pm in cities is doubling to 50 mcg/m3 pm2.5, 24 hr ave and 1/3 of the population is being afected, they notice. Waste, fraud and abuse also get their attention. $150 billion/yr health costs to victims. Coverups of NAAQS violations is a type of fraud. Abuse they are interested in is abuse of systems like the entire pm montoring system and not physical abuse of the people from air pollution although I mentioned that. Global warming catches their eye now and mercury poisening the food supply also gets their attention. Air Toxics too. Look up the priorites and comment on all the prorities affected and the number of people in your sphere of influence that agree.

    Our cause has been greatly helped by the grand coalition of environmental groups asking for the NSPS std review for all wood burning equipment. EDF, Sierra Club, Biological Diversity, NRDC, GASP and many others. I doubled my small contribution to EDF for this, and reccomend others support the groups that help them. For me, that is EDF hands down. But for others it may be another group. I thank them all !!! RAWSEP too. The Clean Air Revival group started it all but RAWSEP is coming on strong now with all the others it has noted.

    Hang in there and huddle around your air cleaners.
    Ernest Grolimund

    Ernest Grolimund

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